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Patagonia Nano- Air Jacket Review

Patagonia Nano- Air Jacket Review

Patagonia Nano- Air Jacket Review

New this year the Patagonia Nano- Air Jacket Review, and it is catching the eyes of many winter enthusiasts.  The Patagonia Nano- Air Jacket promotes active insulation for the mobile winter user, making it ideal for climbers, skiers and bikers.  Made out of full synthetic insulation, the Nano- Air integrates fleece, soft shell, and puffy into one awesome jacket.  It has a full stretch meaning, it will fit under a jacket and works well as a baselayer.  When holding the Nano- Air it feels similar to soft Play-dough which makes you think it would get wet very easily.  Completely false, as the jacket has a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish that can be re-applied at any point.Nano-Air-BLK

This breathable insulator is a must have in any backcountry or side-country skiers wardrobe. On those blistery cold days when you’re taking an early morning skin up your local mountain or, even on these multi- day backcountry expeditions, the Nano- Air is going to keep you warm, yet breath like know other insulator you’ve used before.  The Nano- Air has already won multiple awards and it will not be surprising to see other companies begin to produce a similar style of insulator.  If you have any questions about this product, feel free to call Basin Ski’s at 802-422-3234.



Material: 20D nylon ripstop , DWR finish, [lining] 50D nylon ripstop, DWR finish
Insulation: FullRange polyester stretch
Fill Weight: 60 g
Fit: slim
Length: Hip
Pockets: 1 Chest Zip, 2 Hand Zip
Hood: No
Powder Skirt: No
Claimed Weight: 12.5 oz
Intended Uses: Alpine & Expedition, Climbing
Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

 Patagonia Nano- Air Jacket Review

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2015 NOW IPO Women’s Binding Review

NOW_IPO_BLK_TURQNOW_15_IPO_BLK_GREEN  It’s back, redesigned and better than ever.  Behold the 2015 NOW IPO Snowboard Binding for Women.  This very techy binding was listed in Transworld Snowboarding Magazines gear guide as one of the top responsive bindings for women.  The IPO has integrated a flex hinged highback as well as, a flushcup heel to help reduce heel lift and keep the boot from moving around in the binding.  Another cool feature integrated into this binding is the kingpin/ bushing combination.  This allows the base- plate to pivot for edge to edge energy transfer called Skate Tech.  Enabling the binding to work much like a skateboard binding Skate Tech allows the rider to have better contact with the board, allowing for a better day on the mountain.

Besides new technology, NOW has replaces the alumiring and forge disc compounds with a nylon post and disc that are reinforced with 50% fiberglass. With EST channels and 4- hole disc patterns the new and improved IPO offers softer lateral flex feel without compromising the ride and response of the binding.  The change from Aluminum to a 50% fiberglass binding has created a lighter more responsive binding that is definitely a great choice for a woman who likes to ride the entire mountain.  Available in multiple colors and now in Small, Medium, and Large sizes the NOW IPO should be your go to Snowboard binding for the upcoming season.  If you have any more questions or want to purchase this item follow the link below or, call us at Out of Bounds Snowboard Shop at 802- 422-8778.

Tech Specs:now015-ipo-black-aqua.bottom-830x553

  • Skate-Tech
  • Flushcup Technology
  • Highcup compatibility
  • New small Hanger size range: US men 5 to 7.5 and US women 5.5 to 8.5
  • New 3-D toe and ankle straps
  • NOW tool-less adjuster straps
  • Flex Hinge Highbacks
  • New mounting ring is nylon reinforced with 50% fibreglass
  • New mounting disc is nylon reinforced with 50% fibreglass
  • Two discs options: EST channel or traditional 4X4 hole pattern
  • Bushings available: soft (40 shore), medium (45 shore)
  • Lifetime warranty program fiberglass

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Nordica NRGy Flagship Series Review

NRGyA blend of the Nordica El Capo and Nordica Vagabound skis seems like a dream combination.  The perfect ski would flex like a powder ski but ride like an all- mountain carver.  The Nordica NRGy “timeless” series is the end result of this dream combination.  Coming in 80, 90 and 100mm waisted underfoot sizes, the NRGy series is the newest creation to come out of Nordica and it’s pretty amazing.

The NRGy series is replacing the Hell & Back ski by Nordica, purely for the reason that a more modern design was needed.  The 90 and 100 waisted NRGy’s are the most popular skis of the series due to their versatile riding ability.  This series of skis are lighter and more nimble than its predecessors but, with the added torsion bridge construction, it can ski anything on the mountain.  Unlike other skis with metal in them, Nordica has carved out the wood core of the ski and inlayed a metal bridge frame to keep the ski riding smooth.  When flexing these skis they feel soft like a powder ski but respond like a groomer ski on snow.  With a little extra snap and flex in and out of turns the NRGy’s stay in control like an all- mountain ripper.  They also have an extended tip rocker allowing these skis to charge the hard pack and chop but still float and turn when needed.  With a 17 meter turn radius on the 100 waisted NRGy, these things are able to maneuver trees easily in the trees but, pop back onto a groomer and power down the hard pack like it was nothing.  The graphics on these skis are toned down and simple as well, with bold color blocks the NRGy series will make you stand out on the hill.

If you are looking for an all- mountain hard charger for your daily ski, look no further than the Nordica NRGy.  Available online and in store at Basin Ski Shop this is the ski that you’ve been dreaming about.  If you have any questions about this ski, feel free to call us at 1-802-422-3234.

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2015 Armada Al Dente Ski Review

Al_Dente2015 Armada Al Dente Ski Review

A smooth combination of park ski and all-mountain ripper, the Armada Al Dente has it all.  A wider ski than most park skis, coming in at 98mm underfoot the Al Dente is a beast of a ski.  With a double wood core and carbon stringers running throughout the ski, It’s stiff enough to charge runs without the ski chattering but also able to butter, jib and huck to your heart’s desire.  Armada has also brought back the AR Rocker in the tip and tail making this ski super agile but also a ton of fun to butter on.

This is Henrik Harlaut’s pro model ski and the 2014 version of the Al Dente can be seen being used by him in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.  The Marker Griffin or Rossignol FKS would be good choices of bindings to mount on this ski and the 2015 models of these bindings are available in store.  For more info on this ski feel free to call Evolution Freeride at Basin Ski Shop at 1-802-422-3234.  The Armada Al Dente is available for purchase in store or online.

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2015 Salomon Guardian MNC 16 Binding Review

15-salomon-guardian-16-mainWhen shopping for an Alpine Touring binding, you want something that is lightweight for your uphill travel but can still charge on the downhill.  You look for something that may only see a couple days of actual touring a year and more days of just skiing at a resort.  The revamped 2015 Salomon Guardian is definitely the AT (Alpine Touring) binding that will fit your needs.  Weighing in at 1,495 grams per binding the Guardian is light enough to allow easy uphill travel, but beefy enough to feel stable at high speeds.

A new addition to the ’15 Guardian is its multi norm certification.  This means that the binding is compatible with DIN, touring, and WTR soles.  This is a great addition as we see ski boot companies offering WTR and DIN changeable soles.  Some things that make this binding stand out is it’s stand height being 10mm lower than its biggest competitor, the marker duke.  The Stand height being 26mm, the Guardian has the closest ski to boot contact of any binding in its class.  A lower stand height provides for better control underfoot as well as making turning easier.  It also has a strengthened ridgeability plate that improves edge to edge power transmission making it a great inbounds binding if you aren’t touring a lot throughout the season.  The toe wings are auto-adjustable allowing for good contact with the ski boot.  The base plate has been simplified but also comes with sliding AFD plate as well as, adjustable toe height to accommodate different boot soles.

Another awesome feature about the Guardian is its interchangeable brakes which, unlike other touring bindings makes swapping the binding to another ski, easier and more economical on the wallet.  The Guardian offers two different pivot points (90° or flat nose) and is a great binding for someone looking to get into backcountry but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money.

The Salomon Guardian is available for purchase at our store or online.  It’s a great option for someone who wants to skin before the lifts open to get first tracks, but also want to use the lifts and ski inbounds the rest of the day.  We have last year’s bindings available on sale, but also have the 2015 binding in stock.  Feel free to contact Basin Ski Shop and chat with one of our knowledgeable backcountry staff members regarding the product.

Tech Specs
Material:  [Pivot Axle] Metal, [Plates] Aluminum, Plastic
DIN: 7-16
Brake Width: 100mm, 110mm, 115mm
Brakes Included: Yes
Stand Height: 26 mm
Heel Elevators: Yes
Claimed Weight: (pair) 6Ib 8.4oz
Reccommended Use: Sidecountry, Backcountry slaying
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years
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2015 Snowboard Review- Ride Berzerker

2015 Ride Snowboard Review- Berzerker

2015 Ride Snowboard Review, designed by Vermont Native Jake Blauvelt, is a great snowboard for the all mountain freeride rider.  The board was conceived around Blauvelt’s creative riding style where he uses natural terrain giving it a fluidness and pop feeling in the snow.  The Berzerker is directionally shaped with hybrid camber underfoot, and nose and tail rocker in the tip and tail. The hybrid rocker benefits the boards carving ability by reducing chatter at high speeds but, also having the torsional flex to press and jib natural features you may come across on the mountain.

The Ride Capo binding is a great choice that is compatible with the board.  Its vertigo highback provides the support and flex needed to air off those natural features or tail press in the woods.  Though the Berzerker is designed for a male intermediate to advanced rider, the Ride Barretta is the female equivalent snowboard, and would be a good choice for the lady rider who wants to rip with the boys.  If you are someone who enjoys skiing the entire mountain and wants something that can carve, but can also jib the side-country consider the Berzerker as your next snowboard.

Designed by a Vermonter for Vermonters.2015 Ride Snowboard Review


Lengths: 152, 155, 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 164, 165W, 168W
Shape: Directional

Camber: Hybrid
Ideal Terrain: All-mountain



Hybrid All Mountain Shape
Pop Rods® 2.0 Core
Slimewalls® Sidewall
Carbon Array 3™ Laminates
Hybrid Glass
Fusion 4000™ Base
2 x 4 Inserts

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Goldwin Hokuto Jacket Review

HokutoGoldwin Hokuto Jacket Review

It’s hard to find the perfect jacket for skiing. Most people have more than one or, have a jacket from the 80’s, holding on to it because they cannot find anything comparable.  The Goldwin Hokuto is the jacket that has revolutionized the ski outerwear industry.  The company was founded in Japan and has held a strong European presence since the 1950’s.  Just last year Goldwin established an American based headquarter and began distributing to American ski shops.

The Hokuto stands out from the other Jackets by Goldwin because of its many versatile uses.  An insulated jacket, but also light and breathable.  They’ve created a lightweight, warm insulator that is perfect for those bitter New England winters.  The Hokuto has streamline seams, zippers and panels that are all waterproof to prevent water from seeping through.  A newer advancement in ski outerwear technology is progressive heat distribution.  The Hokuto retains and reflects body heat, making it warm yet breathable.  The innovate hood technology is a great addition to the Hokuto, allowing the skier to zip the hood up over their ski helmet and remove the hood completely if they don’t want to use it.  It also has a robust waterproofing system as well as, breathable mesh material allowing it to wick away moisture but also keep the body insulated. Besides the synthetic/polyester insulation, the Hokuto comes with a powder skirt, zippered vents on key areas, lycra wrist gators, and adjustable cold air cuffs.  With places to store your googles and phone, there is no shortage of pockets.

The Goldwin Hokuto is the jacket that will change your view on ski jackets.  It’s light yet breathable, comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with your skis and is still rather in the United States.  We still have a few from last season that are 50% off currently but, have 2015 jackets available as well.

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2015 Rossignol Soul 7 Ski Review

Rossignol has again gotten high marks in this year’s Ski Magazine Gear Guide.  The Rossignol Soul 7 was awarded the skier’s choice award and gold medal gear award by Ski Magazine, for its excellent performance across the board.  For the 2015 Soul 7, not much has changed in the ski’s design.  Still incorporating that air tip, the Soul 7 has surpassed all other skis in the all- mountain, mixed snow category.

The Soul 7 is different from all other freeride skis on the market because of its light, simple swing weight technology and since its release, has become the most recognized and awarded ski on the market today.   The one difference between the 2014 Soul 7 and the 2015 model is the tip and tail taper, which has slightly changed to help reduce tip and tail flap as well as make carving a little easier in east coast conditions.  What sets the Soul 7 apart from all other skis, is its ability to take on almost all types of snow conditions.  Considered a mixed snow, all- mountain ski, the Soul 7 makes aggressive, complicated lines look easy to ski.  The idea came about to lighten up the tip and tail in order to reduce the swing weight and tip flap of a heavily rockered ski.  Thus the honeycomb air tip was created to accommodate this new idea.  The power turn rocker was also incorporated into the Soul 7 which, with the stiffer tail in the 2015 Soul 7 makes carving effortless and easy.

This ski is considered an intermediate advanced ski due to its freeride design but, would be a good ski for the active skier who wants to be able to ski off- piste and in the woods.  With a 17 meter turn radius, the Soul 7 has no problem hitting those high speeds but also is able to stop and make a controlled turn quickly.  This ski is a flat mount ski meaning, a binding is not included with the purchase of the ski.  Rossignol offers a two year warranty on their bindings and recommends the Rossignol FKS and Rossignol Axium as good options for bindings compatible with the Soul 7.  The Savory 7 is the female equivalent of the Soul 7, the difference being the lengths available for purchase (Woman’s skis are commonly sold in shorter lengths).  Overall, a great ski for the skier looking to adventure into a little more off- piste terrain but needs something that can remain in control in tricky situations.


2015 Rossignol Soul 7
2015 Rossignol Soul 7


Dimensions: 136-106-126 (180)

Lengths: 164, 172, 180, 188

Turning Radius: 17 meters (180cm)

Skier Ability: Intermediate- AdvancedTesters-Choice_20131_Iconbackcoutnry_IMGPowderSkiersChoice_Emblem

Ski Type: Mixed Snow Freeride

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2015 Specialized Enduro Carbon 650B (27.5") Mountain Bike Review

Specialized Enduro Carbon 650B Review
Ariel Kent
Well Specialized has finally gone and done it, and produced a 27.5(650B) wheeled bike just two years after saying that the 26 inch standard was fine, and that they would only produce 29er and 650B bikes if the customers demanded it.  Well they’ve finally done it, and it’s nothing short of spectacular.  Behold, the 2015 Specialized Enduro Carbon Mountain Bike, available in 650B and 29 inch wheel sizes.


Specialized states that the Enduro 650B was made solely on customer demand but, if that’s the case they’re surely being humble because this is probably one of the best mountain bikes they have ever produced.  Now if you have only ever ridden on a 26” wheeled bike, getting use to a larger wheel base takes a little time.  A bigger wheel base has a longer cornering radius, forcing you to pick a higher line through a turn.  But once you get it, it’s nothing short of awesome.  For me, I’m 5’9” and 138 pounds but have always felt I really needed to put extra effort into initiating my turns on a 26” wheeled bike.  On the 650B wheel however, it felt almost effortless.  I could really lean the bike over, and it would easily hook up for me.  One of the other bike shop employees tried the same bike and said that he struggled to get the bike to hook up in turns and, that he wasn’t having to use the same amount of effort used on a 26” wheeled bike.  The bike seems to know where it needs to be in a turn, making it fun to ride for even the most beginner of riders, you just have to be in the right position.  We both agreed though, that the Enduro was incredibly fast once it got rolling, and that the 650B wheel is going to be what puts the 26” wheel into retirement for good.
Uphill travel is another amazing feature on this bike.  The light carbon frame and larger wheel base makes uphill travel effortless and smooth.  You can now ride up a hill and not be tired at the top of a climb.  The Enduro lets you push yourself harder and ride faster than ever before.  Both the front and rear highly talked about Pike Shocks have lockout options that also help uphill travel.  I was able to test ride the Enduro at Pine Hill Park in Rutland, VT and though the uphill here isn’t horrible, the false plateaus and switchbacks generally have you catching your breath at the top.  On the Enduro however, I made it to the top and wasn’t even winded.  Making it to the top of a run and not even being tired, is definitely a great way to get you excited for a the rest of the ride.  Once at the top, I lowered the seat using the brilliantly simple SRL dropper post lever and was off down the trail.

 Again, this bike is nothing short of amazing.  It only takes two or three solid pedal strokes to get this bike engaged and rolling.  Where a 26” bike would absorb a bump, the 650B floats over it.  It’s quick, very quick, and with the amount of travel in the shocks and bigger wheel base not too many trail obstacles are going to slow it down. 

So why should you consider this bike as your next trail bike? You can pin it through a turn without having to worry about whether or not your tires will hook up.  It’s light carbon frame and bigger wheel base allows for easy, efficient uphill travel that will not leave you feeling winded at the top of a climb.  The extra travel in the suspension is also a nice addition, allowing for you to take bigger drops and ride faster in technical areas.  There is no doubt in my mind that the 650B wheeled bike is what will put the 26” mountain bike into retirement.  Having ridden a 26” wheeled bike for many years and then riding this bike for a day has really made me consider it as my next trail bike.
For more info on the Specialized Enduro, call True Wheels Bike Shop at Basin Sports and one of our Bike Mechanics will answer any questions you may have.