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6 Tips for Skiing At Killington During the Pandemic

Kevin Wears a Gaitor

By Stephen Klepner

We have 6 tips to help make your next Killington trip as great as it can be. It may feel like quite a few changes have occurred for the 20-21 season at Killington and it may seem overwhelming at first to navigate. Our team at Basin Ski, Ride & Bike has been navigating the new normal at Killington for over a week and have a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the best out of your time at the Beast.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with Killington’s ability to give us an amazingly fun, safe, and enjoyable ski experience. We are confident that our home mountain will thrive this winter with these adjustments. Without further delay here are 6 tips for Killington that will help you get the most out of your next trip!


 1. Plan Ahead

The first of the 6 tips for visiting Killington is one you and your family don’t want to overlook. Before arriving in Vermont you should check out Vermont’s current travel regulations. You need to reserve a parking spot before arriving at the mountain. Make sure you plan for this in advance. Think of parking reservations as a boarding pass to the resort for your entire car. You are allowed to reserve 7 choice days any time for the 20/21 season and reserve any day up to a week away from the current date. If you have to cancel your reservation Killington has asked you to cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance.

Killington's Reservation System Overview
Killington has designed this graphic as an easy way to see how their reservation system will work. You can book 7 days any time and 7 week-of days.


2. Take a Screen Shot Of Your Parking Passes

How to screenshot a pass 6 tips for killington
Remember to take a screenshot of your parking reservation from your email.

Cell service at Killington can be a little spotty from time to time. When you arrive to the mountain you will be required to have your pass ready to go to be scanned before you can park. The worst thing that you can do is get all the way up to the mountain and realize that you can’t open the email to scan the pass.

Other Basin Team Members have printed out their passes to be double sure that they don’t run into any problems. Another bonus tip is that you can change the license plate numbers on your reservation right until you enter. Don’t worry too much if you decided to take another car right before arriving to the mountain.


Here’s a great article on how to take a screenshot on an Android phone
and here’s one for our Apple friends





3. Download and Use The New Killington App

A quick overview of the Killington App 6 tips for killington
Quickly create new parking reservations, check trail and lift statuses, and track your vertical skied all in one place.

The Killington App is an incredible place to find information on open terrain, ticket prices, and reserve your parking ahead of time. Whether it’s your first time at the resort or you are a local, you will find relevant information for your trip. Many people who have been using Killington’s website for the past couple of years will find the app familiar and friendly. It’s easy to navigate and works great while on the snow.  One of our favorite parts of the app is the ability to see wait times for lifts and track our vertical feet skied. Very cool!

Along with the new app, Killington has rolled out a text messaging platform. It’s a great idea since this allows Killington to contact a large number of guests if an issue occurs while on the mountain. Killington states they, “will use text messaging to communicate critical operations updates as needed, important information about upcoming visits and the occasional promotional message such as a season pass deadline reminder”. You can opt into text messages by texting Beast to 64600. Also, you can opt in to receive text alerts regarding Pico Mountain by texting Pico to 64600.

You can download the Killington App on Android and iOS



4. Bring More Than One Mask

We’ve found that skiing with a face covering is not all too difficult but depending on what mask you have at your disposal, you may want to bring more than one. Many people ski and ride with a full face balaclava that covers their mouth and nose. Depending on the material you may find it getting damp from breathing throughout the day and may want to have another one on standby in your pocket to switch out.

We also found having a traditional ear mask is great when you are in the lodge and allows you to sit down and warm up while being socially distanced. Bringing an “indoor” mask allows you to relax in a little bit more comfort while warming up. Not sure what to wear for any particular day? We have a ton of face covering options in store. Stop by on the way up to the mountain (shameless plug over). 

Kevin Wears a Gaitor 6 tips for Killington
Basin Team Member, Kevin, wears a gaiter while getting ready to scan his pass in an early season snowstorm.


5. Treat your car as a base lodge

Killington has preached this from the beginning and they mean it: there is limited space inside the lodges and you will be waiting to enter. Killington promises outdoor food options as the season goes on but the best bet is to bring food and water to stash in your car. We’ve even seen a few people bringing lawn chairs and having a full on tailgate!

You should expect to boot up in the parking lot when you arrive and be prepared to walk to the slopes in your ski gear. This year especially, you may want to look into purchasing a heated boot bag or socks. If you and your family have your ticket in advance, you can park by any of the open lifts and make the short walk right to the slope. Also, leaving the resort and returning can be a bit cumbersome. If at all possible you should have all the resources you need to stay for the day at the resort. 

Killington Lodge's Que
Extensive indoor waiting lines have been set up with vibrant social distancing markings for food. When we visited there were little to no lines to enter at any point in the day.

6. Be Patient

This is probably the most important of the 6 tips for visiting Killington right now. Things may be moving slower than usual. Lines will get long since there is significantly reduced capacity, and people may be frustrated with each other over masks and distancing. Staff will continue to do their best to make sure everyone is having a great time. You can make a difference in everyone’s day by remembering that skiing right now is something we are lucky to do and we should be celebrating that we even have the opportunity in this truly unique year. 

Kevin Wears a Gaitor 6 tips for Killington
Waiting in line a little longer is worth it when you get views like this from the top of the mountain.


We want to hear your tips and tricks skiing and riding. Send any comments or questions to Oh! and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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An Update For Season Lease Customers

This winter season was a bit unexpected for all of us. We understand that some of you are unable to return your leased equipment at this time due to stay at home orders put forth by your state. Some of you have been able to swing by and that’s great, Thank You! For those of you who can’t and won’t be able to visit the shop in the near future- it’s okay! We’ve got a plan for you.

Keep Your Equipment

No really, hang on to it. We might call and check in and see how things are going, but seriously hang on to your lease equipment. When things get back to normal next season and you do come up to the mountain to prepare for skiing we’ll be here waiting.

And if you decide you want to do a lease again for another year we’ll charge you $99 for the lease to make up for a shortened 19/20 ski season. We’re still working out some of the fine print for this package, but we want to be here for you, and support you in this unpredictable time. So keep calm, and carry on- we’ll see you in the winter.

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Basin Sports Response to COVID-19


Basin Sports and The Lookout Bar at Killington

Dear Basin Friends,

The Basin crew is anxiously looking forward to welcoming you back.  We have been busy preparing the store and are ready to officially open our doors with great deals on hardgoods and clothing.  As Vermont continues to move forward, we will be ready to welcome you back while still taking the necessary precautions to ensure that we stay safe and well.

We are currently doing curbside drop-off and pick-up and in-store by appointment.  Please feel free to call to chat, we are here for you.

Check out our website for special discounts on a wide selection of 2019 and 2020 products.  We offer free ground shipping on orders of $99 or more.

Like you, we are ready to get out and enjoy our favorite pastimes.  Let your Basin Sports crew help you reconnect with and be part of your outdoor inspiration.

We #thriveoutside and so can you.  Stay strong, be well, enjoy.


Your Basin Crew


  • Are You Open?
    • Yes, we are open for curbside service and sales as well as online 24/7. Our in-store hours currently are 7 Days a week 10:00- 5:30 PM.
  • I Have Not Returned My Season Lease Equipment
    • We understand that this is an unprecedented time and understand if you’re unable to return your equipment on time. We do ask that you call us so we can make a not on your paperwork. We will not charge you if you do not return your equipment on time.
  • I’m a Season Tune Customer and left my skis at the shop. Will you charge me for summer storage?
    • We do not charge a summer storage fee. That’s a perk of being a season tune customer at Basin Sports. If you’d like your skis summarized let us know. Your skis will be here waiting when you return.
  • How does your Curbside Process Work?
    • Curbside service and sales is relatively easy and follows procedures that most other bike shops are following. For now Bike Shops are deemed essential by the State of Vermont. Ski Shops are not. So if you’d like to drop off a bicycle for service work you can do so.
      • Please call in advance to let us know you’re coming and what kind of work you’d like done.
      • Drive to the store and call us to let us know you’ve arrived.
      • Leave your bike by the door and walk back to your car.
      • A Bike Mechanic will then come out, disinfect and do a visual assessment of your bike- Then communicate to you what the service costs will look like.
      • The bike will then go in the store for work.
      • When you pick up the bike you can either give a credit card over the phone or allow a mechanic to bring the card into the store to ring through the sale.
  • I bought something online and have not received confirmation?
    • Due to current realities we’re short-staffed and may take an extra day to process your order. We do not ship on the weekends. Please be patient with us. If there’s an issue with your order we’ll email or call you.
  • I’d like to purchase a bicycle?
    • Like curbside service you can order a bike over the phone. Specialized is offering a great drop ship and rebate incentive on select bicycles. Purchase the bike online on their website and select shipping to our store. We’ll then build the bike and call you for you to pick it up.
  • Do you offer payment plans on bikes?
    • Yes! We do. We have a special payment option with Specialized through their credit system and have our own credit option for other bike brands such as Pivot and Norco.


If we didn’t answer your question, shoot us a message on Facebook or Call The Shop at 802-442-3234.


Stay Safe!


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Customer Appreciation Demo Day #2

Basin Sports Customer Appreciation Demo Day

Customer Appreciation Demo Day #2

You’re Invited To Basin Sports Customer Appreciation Demo Day #2!

Our Season Tuners are invited to the 2nd Customer Appreciation Demo Day of the 19/20 season. One of the many perks of being a Basin Sports Season Tuner is the two seasonal demo days where you can test the latest skis from all our ski companies.
You are encouraged to sign-up and complete your waiver in advance at the store. Demo Days typically start at 8AM and finish around 1PM. If you’d like to try a specific ski let us know in advance! That way we can notify the rep for that brand and they can bring that ski.
Brands That Will Be Attending:
  • Atomic
  • Armada
  • Black Crows
  • K2
  • Nordica
  • Salomon
  • Rossignol
Customer Appreciation Demo Day #2

Basin Sports is the oldest businesses in the Killington community. In fact, the Basin Ski Shop opened ten days before Killington Ski Resort, on December 14, 1958.  For more than sixty years Basin Sports has been a leading mountain-sports retailer with a long history of outstanding customer service.
The Torrey family, owners and operators of Basin Sports since 1991, are determined to continue providing an unmatched experience, both in the store and on the slopes. The industry has taken notice too, awarding Basin Sports the Ski Magazine Gold Medal nine years in a row and twice naming Basin Sports the best ski shop in New England.
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Dogs of Outdoor Retailer

Leashed Dog at Outdoor Retailer 2020

Dogs of Outdoor Retailer

Though attending Outdoor Retailer is fun and has a lot of positives, it’s also exhausting and a lot of work is accomplished over 3 short days. Working 10-12 hour days, emails, content creation and the occasional long night out leads to some serious fatigue. During the show you’re normally running from one appointment to the next, often skipping snacks and lunch- it’s stressful. One of the happier sides of the show though is all the dogs you meet hence the Dogs of Outdoor Retailer. Some very famous, with more Instagram followers than the average influencer- some just cute and there for the attention. This year I decided for my own sanity and for the additional content to photograph some of these dogs for your viewing pleasure. I can attest too, that a friendly face lick and fur pat helped reduce stress and anxiety from the show. So enjoy! This years “Dogs of OR” was an on the whim idea. Next year I plan to be more analytical and get each dog’s name and a quote from the owner.

Taking A Break

Dogs of Outdoor Retailer: Day 1

Day 1 was all business for me. Jam packed with appointments and trying to get familiar with the layout of this show. If you’re unfamiliar with the Colorado Convention Center it’s about the size of a football stadium but has 3 floors. A walk at a brisk pace front to back takes about 5 minutes. So day 1 was all about work. I snapped the pic above of this dog after my meeting with Mike Girard from Jones/NOW and then and there decided hey, maybe I should start snapping some Dog pictures and do a whole bit on it. This was towards the end of the day and I was running out of the show to meet with Bogner, so this was the only picture I got on day 1.

Dogs of Outdoor Retailer: Day 2

First thing in the morning I’m greeting with this cute pupper. One of the clauses for a dog to be able to attend Outdoor Retailer is they must be well behaved and have good manners. This Dog, whose name I did not get seemed a bit overwhelmed by the noise, but was calm and composed.

This dog is Finn the Mini Aussie, owned by Kelly Thomson. Finn founded his roots right here in Vermont. Though he now live in Colorado, Kelly used to bartend at Lookout back in the day. You may have even seen him in puppy for a few years ago. Finn loved all the attention he received at Outdoor Retailer and I’m sure he’ll be a repeat attendee.

During the Happy Hour peruse I stumbled upon this guy. His owners didn’t even see me. But once you kneel down to setup a shot, most dogs would like to come say hi with a face lick. This guy held his composure, though I did get a bit of motion blur with a happy tail wag. I’m sure he’s thinking, “Finally! Someone is paying attention to me!”


Over at the Black Diamond Booth (where unbeknownst to me Alex Honold the famous free solo rock climber is doing autograph signings) I came across this dog. Hard to tell in this picture but in person this dog had some wolf- like characteristics. And he’ll do tricks for treats!


When I came over to this dog and it’s owner we were by the Patagonia booth. The owner is on her knees with the dog and explains to me (when I ask if I can snap a photo) that she just needs a minute. See this dog, who is very well behaved did not like one dog in particular, a small little cocker spaniel and he was in the Patagonia booth next to us (we were outside). So we took a minute to get the dog settled then set up the shot. When they say all the dogs need to be well behaved to enter the show, they aren’t understating that. All the dogs I snapped photos of were some of the most well-mannered and respectful dogs I’ve encountered. Props to this owner for being able to calm her pup down and keep on going.

Is it really an Outdoor Retail Show without a Bernese Mountain Dog? I saw plenty but this is the only one I got a photo of. He was the size of a small couch too and love the attention he received. If you’ve never met a Bernese Mountain Dog the pretty much keep that puppy personality their entire lives.

Do Not Pet. There were actually a few dogs with Do Not Pet vests on. I didn’t inquire as to why this lab had this vest on. One could summarize that maybe she get’s overstimulated by people touching here. Or maybe she’s an off-duty K-9. At any rate she was more than happy to let me take her photo.

I find walking the tradeshow floor exhausting. And that’s in comfy hiking shoes. Imagine being a Dog and doing that. I feel you tired Golden Retriever. I tried to get a photo down on his level (it didn’t come out well) and he just stared straight past me. Tradeshows are hard work!

Coco was a bundle of love. So much so that his owner had to hold him back for the photo. Hence the confused look on his face. I have another blurry photo of Coco attempting to give me kisses. Coco was one of my favorites.

Poco here is good friends with Finn the mini aussie I discussed earlier. What breed do you think Poco is? I see a bit of Basenji, maybe some Pit Mix, and Lab? Your guess is as good as mine.

Kicker Muse here is very Instagram famous. If you have an Instagram account and don’t follow this dog, go do it. Kicker’s sit, stay commands where extremely good too. Notice how he’s looking off camera? That’s because his owner Andrew Muse is over there. Andrew and Kicker travel around the country in their tiny house skiing and surfing. Not a bad life!

When I first met the dogs of D-Curve a goggle company, and inquired about the table a rep said “this is their table, and they’re not allowed to leave it until we say so.” It’s a great marketing strategy too. Put a large table at the front of your booth and add four very cute dogs to it, and people are bound to get drawn in. Towards the end of Day 3 some of the dogs weren’t having it (and you can see in one photo one laying down in the back of the booth) and started to jump off the table. But for the most part Carousel and Icicle were more than happy to get their pictures taken and enjoy pets from various passer-by’s.

Day 3

At first I wasn’t going to use all 3 pictures of this dog. In fact I won’t even edit 1 and 3. But this serious of shots is just too good. It’s funny too. With all the Golden’s I photographed they all perked up when the shutter went off- but this round of photos is just too good. Even the owners reactions in the background is priceless.

A Blue Heeler/ Terrier Mix this girl did not want to stay still for a photo. Characteristically correct for this mixture of breeds. But a treat dangling above the camera. Oh not that’s something worth stopping for. Thanks for being a good sport Frannie!

Remember that Cocker Spaniel I mentioned from Day 2? This dog didn’t like that particular dog either, who happened to be walking past the DC booth while were hanging out. But she posed for a photo and later was spotted hanging out with the Pit Viper crew ( A brand of 80’s looking sunglasses that are wildly popular among millennials). What mix of breeds do you think this dog is? I honestly couldn’t put my finger on it.

Yes! Husky sighting! Stalking dogs like the paparazzi do to celebrities is something I started to do on Day 3. I would seek out dogs, follow them for a moment and when the owner stopped at a booth would come over and ask if I could pet and photograph their best friend. Nevica also wasn’t too keen on posing for a photo (hence the slight blur in the face) but she was beautiful and enjoyed her pets post photo taking.

Rex The Shiba Inu was more than content to pose for a photo. I saw him as I was walking into the cafeteria to eat lunch. Luckily he was still there when I finished up and I was able to snap his photo.

What an interesting mix of breeds. German Shepherd, Sheepdog, maybe Belgian Shepard? He definitely did not want to pose for a photo but was to much fun to not take his picture.

This dog is a mascot for the company Bula, and he was pooped when I came across him. Granted it was the final hour of the show on Day 3. So I don’t blame him. Being this cute is hard!

The owner of the scruffy dog in the flannel was the one who said he went to a festival in California, took 300 dog photos, got the name of the dog and a quote from the owner. A good idea for me to attempt next year at Outdoor Retailer which will probably result in twice as many photos.

The dog on the left almost looks like Nyla the unofficial mascot of Basin Sports. Nyla is a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback and this dog has some Rhody characteristics. I also though it looked like maybe there was some Weimaraner in there too. Rio on the other hand (to the right) was too cute and looked like a dog you’d see in a cartoon.

It’s “Ruff” being this cute. As I left the Convention Center on Day 3 I saw this girl (the last dog I encountered) at the front hall near the Ikon Pass Booth. Cutness overload! I’m happy to have photographed these dogs, and of course have the opportunity to attend Outdoor Retailer. When stress levels got high, a quick photo, pat and face lick just everything better. Next year we’ll have more photos, names for each dog and possibly something else.

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Bumps And Stoke Build For The Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge

A Local’s Perspective On The Annual Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge

Bumps and stoke build for the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge
As many ski resorts get ready to close for the season, here at Killington it feels like the party is just getting started as diehards and amateurs alike prepare for the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge. In the days prior, some are seeking bumps to practice on, others are ironing out their tailgating plans, but whether planning to take part or spectate, anticipation for the weekend is high.

The moguls are on the iconic Outer Limits, that get deeper as the days 150 competitors ski them, nestled between two large jumps and surrounded by the many who come in costume, ready to cheer and tailgate. Competitors ski a qualifying run where the top 16 women and 32 men progress to finals, a sudden-death dual format with the first person through the finish line progressing into the next round, all with big airs and underdog upsets. Killington is still a bastion of mogul skiing, a community who loves to celebrate a competition where anything can happen. To such an extent that when the mountain decided they wouldn’t host the rowdy event anymore in 2012, bumpers hosted it anyway and titled it the “Denial Cup.” The next year the event returned, and recently the mountain acknowledged those winners by engraving their names onto the trophy that sits in Bear Mountain’s base lodge.

Even as skis have grown fatter, there are still quite a few skiers here who haven’t lost their skinny skis and look forward to the event all year long. I am one of them, and can already feel the competition day nerves, the nervousness of practicing mogul jumps that send you straight up into the air, the excitement at the starting gate, the rainbow colored crowd in vintage one pieces, all of it. A friend recently told me that I just needed to “pretend that no one was there” when competing this weekend (I agree!), but it’s an admittedly hard task to practice when the crowd is audacious, and the skiers around you are some of the best mogul skiers anywhere. Anyone can compete though, and competitors uphold that good sportsmanship, helping to support and cheer on others while waiting for their turn in the starting gate.

It’s hard to think of another event that is more of Killington and espouses just how much we love skiing here. Whether you are tuning your skis, seeking out the seeded bumps on Wildfire, or picking out your best eye-turning outerwear, prep work for Saturday continues for many. If you are considering attending your first Bear Mountain Challenge, whether to ski it or to see it, you won’t be disappointed and you will really know that you arrived at the Big K, where mogul skiing is still very much alive, well, and celebrated.

Bumps and stoke build for the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge
— Tricia Tirella, Basin Sports ambassador, Killington local and bump enthusiast  

We’re Ready To Shred, Are you?

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Updates From Basin Sports: Christine Torrey

Where In The World Is Christine?

Updates From Basin Sports, Maybe you’ve been in the store and have noticed the absence of one familiar smiling face. Our president, Christine Torrey has taken a much-wanted Sabbatical and will be missing the majority of our winter season (though she’ll be stopping by here and there). Where is she you ask?

Santa Cruz, California

Just imagine, waking up every day to endless sunshine, surfing, and cycling within an arms reach. Plus with Tahoe not too far away, well that’s not a horrible place to go for a change of scenary. She’s been out there for most of the summer already too. Chief Financial Officer, Owner , and Mom, Lorraine Torrey is out visiting Christine and went Mountain Biking with her the other day.  I mean, doesn’t everyone want to take an extra long California vacation sometimes?

Of course we have been sending photos of this year’s tremendous snowfall to Christine, making sure she is missing all of us and Killington as much as we are missing her!

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The State Of Skiing In Killington November Report

Will Killington make their World Cup Deadline? This is the State of Skiing in Killington, November Report

The State Of Skiing In Killington November Report-1
Photo by Basin Ambassador Trish

Winter started off with a bang this season with an opening day of October 19th. Since then The State Of Skiing In Killington has well really just gotten sweeter. We started as usual on the North Ridge and walked the catwalk both ways to access skiable terrain. Soon after we were skiing down and only walking back up. Confirmed for Wednesday too we’ll be skiing top to bottom as well. Which is great for me who’s been hesitant to get out there and get those turns. Maybe I’m spoiled, maybe I’m still daydreaming about summer. Either way skiable terrain is expanding rapidly with no real end to this momentum in site.

Turning over to the south side of the mountain, World Cup preparations have been moving along swimmingly. We were worried for a second there when it poured rain for two days. But that worry was quickly put to bed by 6-8″ inches of snow. Definitely 6 inches by the steps of Basin Sports, 8″ most likely up on the mountain. Since then temps have stayed cold and below freezing. I was going to say bitterly cold but if you were around this last December when it was -20 for two weeks its well hard to call anything bitterly cold anymore- we’re seasoned Vermonters after all. But I’m getting of subject here. On Superstar yesterday they began crushing snow. This is part of two reason- one, there’s a lot of snow already made on Superstar and it’s time to push it down and measure snow depths. Number two is more important in that today (Monday, November 12, 2018) marked inspection day by the FIS. Slopes had to be looking good to get the green light to host the Women’s World Cup this Thanksgiving.

So far so good and everything looks in tip-top shape. If you were planning on skiing this upcoming weekend be worry free about walking because we won’t have to do that anymore. Keep in mind that pretty much until Christmas that we’re still in early-season conditions and generally blue to black terrain. Remember the season gets better and better from here and that there’s a lot of early season hype so far. Now get off your phone or computer and go shred!

The State Of Skiing In Killington November Report
Photo by Basin Ambassador Trish

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No Lack Of Ski Season Stoke As Lift Spins

Photos and Words by Basin Ambassador and Killington Local Tricia Noelle

No lack of ski season stoke as lift spins~ The beginning of the ski season is always a time of excitement. Some wait before the sun rises for the gondola to turn on opening day, others may opt to a midweek start, and others might not have gotten to make turns on snow yet; but all share one thing in common, and that is stoke for the return of the winter.

No Lack Of Ski Season Stoke As Lift Spins

The conditions for early season have been a little bit of everything so far; from passing clouds, moments of sun, soft spring conditions, the magical manmade snow our snowmakers make, and even flurries that fell in clumps yesterday. The coverage and conditions have been stellar in North Ridge, and while a short run in comparison to what we will have in a few months, laps on Rime, Reason and Upper East Fall are plenty to reawaken muscles that have been dormant since Spring.

No Lack Of Ski Season Stoke As Lift Spins


From locals to season regulars, we all get to holler from the lift as our friends make their first turns of the season. North Ridge is small enough that we can see everyone we missed all summer long, and give hugs and greetings to people we will make turns with for months to come. We all may be returning from different challenges in life, and in different abilities to hike those stairs, but for all of us sliding on snow helps bring us together at least for a few runs, and makes the stairs undeniably worth it.

No Lack Of Ski Season Stoke As Lift Spins

It is about way more than just returning to the movement we love, we get to share something larger as a community that brings us together. We get to tune out of the stressors of life and tune into the frozen covered trees and snow around us. We share conversation on the lift over the roar of snow guns. We see our friends carve their first turns of the season, smile ear to ear. Killington has a stoke for the ski season like no other place I have been to yet, and we keep it going all the way until June. I don’t know about you, but I am stoked to be celebrating another season back.

We’re Ready To Shred, Are you?

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