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Killington Snow Report- Day 6- October 23, 2015

Basin Sports and Killington Snow Report- Weekend Outlook

Killington Snow Report
Warmer than desired fall temps are making us contemplated this weekends outlook

Mother nature can be a bipolar bitch sometimes and right now she’s not playing nice- this Killington Snow Report highlights the outlook for the weekend. We’ve been skiing for six days so far and well, mother nature hasn’t been playing nice.  Killington saw a window of opportunity to make snow last week and hoped snowpack would hold.  Before I mention the weekend, today was awesome and it felt like may skiing.  You know, those days of deep bumps and slushy like snow that doesn’t kill your knees. The days that an ice cold beer at the car makes the skiing bittersweet.



Well, today we took in soft turns on Rime and park features on Reason. Today also marked the last day (for now) that the mountain was open to the public.  This weekend is passholders and express card holders only (pst, express cards are only 100 bucks with a ton of perks!) and this decision was made by the mountain because of the diminishing base at the bottom of the triple.  Here’s Killington Resorts official statement regarding the Killington Snow Report:

Weekend Update: Season Pass & Express Card Holders Only
Starting Saturday, October 24, Killington will be open for Season Pass and Express Card holders only. No day tickets will be available.

Although the skiing and riding conditions in the North Ridge area are still good, the loading area for the North Ridge Triple has gone quickly, and the current base depth will not stand up to heavy weekend traffic.

Hopefully more wintry weather will return in the very near future and we can get back to business as usual. Please check back here at the Daily Report or follow us on twitter for real-time updates on conditions and operations.

Checking the weather outlook for town conditions, there’s a good chance the mountain will make more snow this week (if dew points cooperate) and we’ll be back up and running next weekend. Think happy thoughts, and let’s look towards the future of this long season ahead of us.


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