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Killington Snow Report- Powdah Alert In Ktown

Overcast with Snow Flurries H 29° / 21°


Killington Snow Report


After a rather lackluster December it finally snowed here in Killington, Vermont and today’s Killington Snow Report shows it. Now right before I sat down to write this snow report, Killington Resort stated that they received 10″ of fairly optimistic snow. Having myself just been on the hill I’d say that yeah, that’s a rather optimistic total. It felt like more than 5″(as they reported this morning) but definitely less than 10″ based off the untracked places I ventured into. I started over on Superstar, my usual haunt just to see what the steeper slopes held. It seemed that grooming was done early yesterday on this pod and the base was firmer than anticipated. Light fluffy mashed potatoes, hiding layers of crunchy quesadilla. It seemed the steeper angle got skied off rather early so I decided to head over to Snowdon and see what the lower angle slopes had to offer. It’s funny for me to hear myself say, yeah let’s go lap Snowdown. Because only a year ago it seemed much less appealing. So I skated over to the 6-Pack and enjoyed the 4-minute lift ride up. Even on a delicious midweek powder day like today, there was no line at the 6-pack and I have yet to ride the lift with six people on it. So much for those nay, sayers who questioned the deterioration of terrain off my now newly favorite lift.

From here I pretty much spent the rest of my time skiing off Snowdown. By far the best snow I could find was off this chair and it kept filling back in after each run. Every run got better and better and it was hard for me to ski back to my car, it really was quite good. I opted to not ski the woods but our Snowboard Guru, Clarke did and when I caught up with him on the lift he said, “if you knew where to go the trees were quite good and that a lot of snow had moved in there from the wind.” We needed this, and after a depressing December it was great to ski some New England Powdah! I will say to those powder junkies arriving this weekend to dress warm. Undoubtingly the snow will be quite excellent this weekend but it will also be quite cold. We have heated mitts, gloves and all the accessories in between to keep you toasty this weekend. If you’re on the fence, go- trust us. It might be cold, but it will well be worth it. Hopefully, this snowy momentum continues through the weekend and into the rest of the month. Fingers Crossed.


Killington Snow Report-2-2



Killington Snow Report-3

This year we’ve partnered with the Karr Group as well as Lookout Tavern. Special thanks to both of them for supporting our business and our snow reports.

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