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Killington Snow Report, March 26, 2019

This winter continues to provide lots of great skiing with a variety of conditions on different days.   After a couple of warm days last week, Killington had a fun winter storm on Friday, leading to great powder days on Friday and Saturday.  Temperatures have stayed below freezing since, making for good winter ski conditions.  Today is a beautiful sunny day with temps in the high 20’s.  The next couple of days look sunny and warmer each day.  The snow should soften nicely.

I will have to admit that I ventured over to Outer Limits on Monday thinking it might have softened in the sun, but I was wrong.  It hadn’t been groomed and was still firm.  Today was soft on Wildfire and Bear Claw, particularly the lower sections.  Pretty much anywhere that was groomed or had snow deposited by the wind over the weekend has pretty good packed powder conditions.  The woods and natural snow trails are still skiing well, with a little bit of scratchiness.  The groomers are good, with again an occasional scratchy spot.

Killington has made an amazing amount of snow on Superstar and the spine of snow can be seen from fairly far away.  Hopefully we will have a nice long spring with a couple more months of skiing this year!

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