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Killington Snow report Thursday Jan 9

Killington Snow report Thursday Jan 9

Mostly Sunny, some breeze and 13* at 11am.

Killington Snow report, What a gorgeous day out there! Sun, corduroy, temps in the teens and lots of terrain. Since I hadn’t been out since Sunday, my plan today was to ski around and see how the recovery efforts have progressed. That plan was quickly shot down after my first run as I saw Ovation going up the K1.

First run was Lower East Glade to the shuffle to G. Northern as Racers Edge was closed to a beautiful Highline. After that it was six runs down Lower Ovation alternating between Ovation Headwall, which had guns on it or Superstar to Ovation. Superstar Headwall could of used some more tiller time overnight or more skier traffic as there were quite a a few ball bearings on it that needed to be broken up, but besides that it was fine. Lower Ovation was pretty spectacular. Fresh blown snow that was groomed out. It was hardpact, but not a bit of ice on it. Which is where I found my own private piece of paradise this morning and didn’t look any further for something better. Complete fun!

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