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Killington Snow Report Tuesday Feb 25

Killington Snow Report
OL serving up some sweet afternoon laps today

I was somewhat on the fence about heading our for that last angry hour this afternoon, especially when I saw Amy Smedley from the Boots Dept saying that it was super cold and windy, but I’m glad I headed out. It had snowed an inch or two throughout the day and it stuck well to the existing snow surface. OL skied like a dream. It wasn’t groomed last night and that small snowfall bonded well with that day old non-groomed stubble giving it a super nice ski surface. I choose to spend my short amount of time skiing the goodness on OL, but Superstar was serving up something sweet too. Cold, dry guns were blanketing the lower part, primarily between towers 6 and 4. Even though the light was flat by that late in the afternoon, the skiing was still top notch. Then that was it, 4:00 and five runs came too soon today. Fortunately, there’s tomorrow to look forward to.

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