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Welcome To The Family Nordica Enforcer 104

A slim yet wide waist width with new technologies

Nordica Enforcer 104 Ski Review

Gone are the days of the standalone Nordica Enforcer. As we enter into the 19/20 winter season Nordica has not one, but 6 options to choose from- divided into the Enforcer and Enforcer Free Series. The Nordica Enforcer 104 offers up a new waist width with new technology that makes for a lighter, and snappier shred stick on the slopes. This new technology is only found in the 104 and 88- the newest waist additions, and we suspect the rest of the line will follow suit if the new technology is proven successful in these two skis.

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So what makes the 104 so special? One difference between it and the 88 is that they have different shapes. The 104 is more freeride and will resemble a narrower Enforcer 110. The core is made up of Poplar, Beech and Balsa with 2 sheets of titanal for stiffness.

The biggest difference between predecessors and the latest 104 is that the wood core extends up and down the ski further and replaces some of the ABS Sidewall which has been slimmed down. This makes the ski more snappy and responsive on snow and less damp. Then there’s the carbon laminate that’s new. This makes the ski engage better on edge and gives you a little more “umpfh” and power that you’d normally loose on the original models.

Side by side next to the Enforcer 110, the Enforcer 104 is going to share rocker profile lines but be more slimming allowing for the ski to be more manageable in all conditions. Still though, slim rocker lines in Nordica Skis is still quite a bit of rocker compared to other 104 waisted skis in its class.

Nordica Enforcer 104 Ski Review

On Snow, the 104 is going to feel lighter and more manageable at speed. It’s still going to be incredibly stiff but maneuver better through deeper snow due to the new construction. The Carbon laminate is going to offer more stability at speed, less chatter, and more control through turns.

So what’s the biggest difference between the 100 & 104?

Rocker Profile

  • The 100 is going to have Nordica’s traditional rocker profile, called All-Mountain Rocker
  • The 104 is going to have more Rocker, so think old Helldorados. They’re deeper and more hammerhead-shaped.


  • The 100 is the OG Enforcer. Wood, Titanal, ABS, Fiberglass Topsheet
  • The 104 is the lighter and sexier(though that’s up for debate) Enforcer. Wood, Titanal, Slimming ABS, Carbon, Fiberglass

Nordica Enforcer 104 Specs:

In 186cm

  • Tip: 135
  • Waist: 104
  • Tail: 124
  • Turning Radius: 18.5

We are located on the East Coast, so having any ski wider than the Enforcer 104 will be seldom used, and may be overkill for most east coast powder days. But, if you want something wider, for spring skiing days or maybe you’re a west coast skier who needs a reliable daily driver the 104 is going to be a great option.

Not convinced and need to ski it first? We have full-size runs of demos available at the shop. Call us for more info regarding that. 802-422-3234

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