POC Coron Air Spin Helmet Review From Basin Sports
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet Review
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet Review

Last year POC released the Tectal Trail Helmet with Air Spin Technology and took racers and recreational riders by storm. This year, the POC Coron Air Spin Full Face Helmet was released. POC wanted something lighter and something that held up better to multiple impacts. You’ve probably heard of MIPS or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and are probably wondering how this is different. If you’re like me, MIPS is not comfortable, in fact I opt to use non-MIPS protection due the sheer discomfort I experience.  POC has taken MIPS technology and combined with the Air Spin. It allows a buffer between your head and the MIPS and potentially provides better protection.

Air Spin Technology

What makes the Air Spin Tech so special then? Instead of a plastic system that mimics the brains structure, Air Spin takes that same concept but with silicone pads. It allows for the head to almost float against and moves equally upon impact. POC uses a silicone bladder inside each pad placed within the helmet. These pads allow the helmet to move slightly in impact and reduce the impact the head takes in a crash. The pads locations are strategically placed so that the head is only in contact with the pads and not rested directly against the shell of the helmet itself. This well thought out structure helps dissipate force of a rotational impact, potentially reducing the severity of the impact on the brain.

The Helmet

POC is always striving to make the lightest, most comfortable and safest helmets available. The Coron Air Spin is no exception and potentially one the best well thought out full face helmets on the market at the moment.  The POC Coron Air Spin Helmet comes in two models.  An affordable fiberglass shell and a lighter Carbon shell. Both holding up to POC’s high safety standards and both stunning in craftsmanship.

Coron Fiberglass Coron Carbon
MSRP $275 MSRP $450
Fiberglass shell construction Carbon fiber shell
Innovative air flow and vent design Innovative air flow and vent design
SPIN Technology SPIN Technology
Emergency removable cheek pads Emergency removable cheek pads
Ear chambers Ear chambers
Break Away visor Break Away visor
Multi-impact EPP liner Multi-impact EPP liner
Simple and effective buckle fastening system Simple and effective buckle fastening system
Three Color Options One Color Option

The Fit

The fit of this helmet is controversial, like any other POC helmet is. The fit on the Coron Air Spin was universally better than the old Cortex was but there were positives and negatives to it as well. Most people who enjoyed the POC Tectal Trail helmet disliked the Coron and vice versa. I found the Coron to fit well in the dome area but squished my face to much for my liking. But some enjoy that secure fit and actually found the Coron to be more comfortable than other helmets we sell in our shop. POC is tricky because you have to have “A POC Head”. That being said, those with rounder heads found the Coron to be more comfortable than others. Those with flatter heads found the trail helmets to fit well but the full face option by POC to be less than desirable.

POC Coron Air Spin Helmet Review
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet Review

Closing Points

If comfort, weight and above all safety are your biggest priorities when shopping for full face helmets, the POC Coron Air Spin is a good choice. With all the features both the fiberglass and carbon version offer, the bang for the buck is better if not on par than helmets in the same price range. This helmet is recommended for riders who enjoy a secure fit. Though Emergency Pull Off Pads are bulkier than typical pads they will break in slightly. It is recommended that you size up in the full face helmets. This helmet will fit better on people with rounder heads too.  It’s all about perspective though and I sincerely feel that helmets are things you shouldn’t purchase over the internet without first trying on. When it comes to appearance, overall comfort and safety standards the Coron scores high across the board. The bang for your buck is substantial and absolutely a great investment for your next full face helmet.

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