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Salomon QST 99 Ski Review

Salomon QST 99 Ski Review And A Look At How Far Salomon Has Come

Salomon QST 99 Ski Review
QST Ski Lineup

The Salomon QST 99 Ski Review is more than just a review of the ski. It’s a testament of how far Salomon has come as a company. Salomon has been making skis for a long time and they’ve had some good ones and some bad ones. I see a lot of people on Salomon out on the slopes, but I’ve never been really impressed with the company. Mainly, the construction just seemed lousy. It wasn’t constructed well. Yeah the skis were fun to ski but durability wise not so much. So I’ve not exactly had my eye on Salomon.

This year something changed, something called the QST series. This collection has changed the way I see Salomon as a company. From afar these skis look solid, they look stable and they look durable. Picking them up and flexing them straight off the wall you can just tell that these skis want to rip and go fast. No wonder the Salomon QST 99 and QST 106 were freeskier gear guide picks.

Salomon QST 99 Ski Review
Go anywhere, do anything.

The Salomon QST 99 is a great All- Mountain ski for the intermediate to advanced level skier. I prefer them in crunchy hardpack than anything else for their reliability on edge. The Salomon QST 99 has carbon woven laminate with a sheet of titanal. That seems to be the name of the game this season for most ski companies and for good reason. They’re exceptionally snappy and have a ton of power out of turns. Enough power to make you go, “holy $#!t!”

This ski does bumps but isn’t great at it and in my opinion were pretty comparable to the Nordica Enforcers that I found were a little sloppy in bumps. That just because of the rocker profile though. Chundry, corny snow or slushy spring snow is what the Salomon QST 99 excels at and is definitely not a ski for the faint of heart. Make sure you’re a speed chasing maniac before you decide to purchase these sexy sticks.

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