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If you’re looking for a stylish and efficient goggle, look no further than the Giro Eave Goggles. Its magnetic quick-change lens system lets you change lenses in no time, while its infinity design offers a clean look.


Product Description

If you’re looking for a stylish and efficient goggle, look no further than the Giro Eave Goggles. Its magnetic quick-change lens system lets you change lenses in no time, while its infinity design offers a clean look. The eave goggle is the top-of-the-line women’s goggle, and features a magnetic quick-change lens system, so you can change lenses in a hurry, evak vent technology to prevent fogging, plus two premium vivid lenses with optics by zeiss®. The Eave goggle is one of our most irresistible designs to date. Its fresh look is achieved through Infinity lens design for a gorgeous frameless look with infinite style. The Eave is also customizable with the Adapt Strap, so you can fine-tune your style.

Giro Eave Goggles Features:

  • Frameless design for women
  • Infinity lens design
  • Quick-change magneticassisted lens system
  • Vivid Lens Technology with Optics By Zeiss: VIVID is a patented lens technology – developed by Giro in partnership with ZEISS® Optics – that improves the visual experience on snow by enhancing contrast and definition. VIVID Lens Technology effectively manipulates blue light by letting in contrast enhancing blue light, while blocking harmful UV light. Vivid essentially filters out the haze and frees your eyes to spot your line and focus on enjoying your riding experience.
  • Expansion View (EXV) Technology: Perfected at Giro’s test lab in Scotts Valley, California, this groundbreaking new frame design serves up unparalleled peripheral vision. We started with a helmet-compatible goggle, and then shaved down the frame rim and added frameless zones to optimize a massive spherical lens focused on the best possible peripheral vision in a goggle.
  • Snapshot Lens Interchange: SnapShot Lens Interchange System utilizes self-locating rare-earth magnets and a secure locking mechanism for fast, on-the-fly, virtually effortless lens interchange.
  • Toric Vivid Lenses with Optics by Zeiss: Toric Spherical in shape, this lens mimics the form of the human eye to provide superior optics while creating increased air volume inside the goggle to help prevent fogging. The manufacturing, testing, and quality control of all Giro spherical lenses is provided Lenses by ZEISS®, the global leader in optical technology and photography.
  • Evak Vent Technology: Found exclusively on VIVID goggles models, EVAK Vent Technology uses a new foam made from an ultra-durable, non-absorbent material. EVAK vents minimize the chance of fogging by releasing moisture while simultaneously creating a barrier from the elements.
  • Anti-Fog Coating: Every Giro goggle lens features our anti-fog coating to keep your vision and riding experience on point.
  • OTG Friendly: Engineered specifically for bespectacled skiers and snowboarders, goggles that are OTG (Over-The-Glass) feature a finely crafted interior with extra volume to comfortably accommodate prescription frames. Increased air volume inside the goggle keeps your vision crisp, clear, and fog-free.

Lens Tints:

  • Clear – A very high quality clear lens for use at night or in extreme low light conditions. 90% VLT
  • Yellow Boost – Yellow base lens with a blue flash outer lens that provides contrast in low light conditions. 62% VLT
  • Persimmon Blaze – Performance-tuned proprietary persimmon tint, with a fiery scarlet flash coating to heighten detail and contrast in low-light conditions. 50% VLT
  • Amber Scarlet – A high-performance amber base tint with multi-layer flash coating that heightens detail and depth perception in variable light conditions. 40% VLT
  • Amber Pink – An amber base tint is pumped up with a light refining flash coating that glows bright pink. The result is a perfect all day tint. 37% VLT
  • Rose Silver – A rose-based tint that enhances depth perception, combined with a single-layer silver flash that tunes light transmission for medium light conditins. 30%VLT
  • Loden Green – Our green on green combo is an amazing full sun tint. A bright green flash coating keeps your vision crisp and your style on lock. 26% VLT
  • Grey Cobalt – Same base tint as the Grey Purple tint but with a cobalt blue flash mirror coating. 10% VLT
  • Amber Gold – Amber base tint with a Gold mirror coating. 22% VLT
  • Rose Silver Polarized – A rose base tint combined with a polarization filter with an advanced manufacturing technique to deliver exceptional visual acuity with minimal distortion when glare is a concern. 17% VLT
  • Ultra Black – A darker version of the Black Limo used for high alpine skiing and riding in extremely bright conditions. 9% VLT

* VLT (Visible Light Transmission) The percentage of available light allowed to reach  the eye.

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in


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Ski & Snowboard Goggles




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