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Killington Snow Report February 19, 2019

This has been one of those winters where if you don’t like the weather, just wait a day.  I think we’ve had a bit of everything and then we’ve had more of everything.  There have been many great powder days, some cold days, some sunny days and even some of those days with spring like conditions as well as a few, only a few, of those unmentionable conditions.  Luckily there has been plenty of natural snow, providing a good base everywhere and cold temperatures for excellent machine made snow.  This past weekend had new snow made on Outer Limits, among other trails, on Saturday and beautiful sunny skies on Sunday.  Today was on the chilly side, with a bit of wind and gorgeous sunny skies.  There was enough new natural snow last week as well as an additional 4-6 inches yesterday to provide fun woods and natural snow skiing.  The groomed trails were also all in good shape, with an occasional scratchy spot where the wind had hit.  Good natural snow was found on Snowdon off the 6 pack bubble chair, off the new Southridge chair, Skye Peak, K1 and Superstar.  Cascade, Downdraft, Superstar, Wildfire, Needles Eye, Bunny Buster, to name a few, all provided good groomed skiing.  Looks like another storm is headed our way Wednesday evening bringing more snow to the area!

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