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Killington Mountain She Giveth and Taketh Away- A Story About The Pause In Between

Killington, the mountain we love, the friends we keep, especially on powder days, mean so much to many of us.

Killington Mountain


Few things bring that more home than having to watch on from the sidelines, but times like those bring the value of being out there, a life outside fully lived, that much more apparent. We are so fortunate to have all of the many opportunities the Green Mountains have to offer, whether here for the day, weekender or local; from downhill skiing to biking, and beyond.

I have been lucky enough to call Killington Mountain home since 2013 and was 44 days into my fifth year as a season pass holder when a freak accident on New Year’s Eve tore my ACL and Meniscus. My ski got stuck in a notch of ice and my leg went in the wrong direction, and I knew immediately my knee and season were done.

I also was reminded quickly that being hurt in this town is something to be immensely grateful for. Offerings of help are plentiful as are reminders from so many friends that they too also wore the ACL badge, and that while a long recovery, I will be coming back stronger than before.


Killington Mountain
Photo Credit: Chandler Burgess and Killington Resort


Injuries are accidents, but what we do with them as a result never is. After I accepted that there would be no fifth 100 day season in a row for me this year, I counted all the good that would be happening as a result. Becoming a better trained, balanced athlete, having the time to re-learn guitar, reading more, the list goes on. I am also extremely lucky to have something go wrong that can be fixed. And as a friend said, “if you are an athlete at all, it happens, now you are a part of the club.”

As I heel from ACL reconstruction I have been living vicariously through the many deep powder pictures posted of last week. I look forward to seeing everyone in the parking lot when tailgating season begins. If you see me taking gondi laps, or once ready, hiking to the top of Superstar to great my bump enthusiast friends in the spring, say hello! And please make an extra turn or two!

Praying for snow still,

Trish, Basin Sports Ambassador

Killington Mountain










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