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2015 Snowboard Review- Ride Berzerker

2015 Ride Snowboard Review- Berzerker

2015 Ride Snowboard Review, designed by Vermont Native Jake Blauvelt, is a great snowboard for the all mountain freeride rider.  The board was conceived around Blauvelt’s creative riding style where he uses natural terrain giving it a fluidness and pop feeling in the snow.  The Berzerker is directionally shaped with hybrid camber underfoot, and nose and tail rocker in the tip and tail. The hybrid rocker benefits the boards carving ability by reducing chatter at high speeds but, also having the torsional flex to press and jib natural features you may come across on the mountain.

The Ride Capo binding is a great choice that is compatible with the board.  Its vertigo highback provides the support and flex needed to air off those natural features or tail press in the woods.  Though the Berzerker is designed for a male intermediate to advanced rider, the Ride Barretta is the female equivalent snowboard, and would be a good choice for the lady rider who wants to rip with the boys.  If you are someone who enjoys skiing the entire mountain and wants something that can carve, but can also jib the side-country consider the Berzerker as your next snowboard.

Designed by a Vermonter for Vermonters.2015 Ride Snowboard Review


Lengths: 152, 155, 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 164, 165W, 168W
Shape: Directional

Camber: Hybrid
Ideal Terrain: All-mountain



Hybrid All Mountain Shape
Pop Rods® 2.0 Core
Slimewalls® Sidewall
Carbon Array 3™ Laminates
Hybrid Glass
Fusion 4000™ Base
2 x 4 Inserts

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2015 Rossignol Soul 7 Ski Review

Rossignol has again gotten high marks in this year’s Ski Magazine Gear Guide.  The Rossignol Soul 7 was awarded the skier’s choice award and gold medal gear award by Ski Magazine, for its excellent performance across the board.  For the 2015 Soul 7, not much has changed in the ski’s design.  Still incorporating that air tip, the Soul 7 has surpassed all other skis in the all- mountain, mixed snow category.

The Soul 7 is different from all other freeride skis on the market because of its light, simple swing weight technology and since its release, has become the most recognized and awarded ski on the market today.   The one difference between the 2014 Soul 7 and the 2015 model is the tip and tail taper, which has slightly changed to help reduce tip and tail flap as well as make carving a little easier in east coast conditions.  What sets the Soul 7 apart from all other skis, is its ability to take on almost all types of snow conditions.  Considered a mixed snow, all- mountain ski, the Soul 7 makes aggressive, complicated lines look easy to ski.  The idea came about to lighten up the tip and tail in order to reduce the swing weight and tip flap of a heavily rockered ski.  Thus the honeycomb air tip was created to accommodate this new idea.  The power turn rocker was also incorporated into the Soul 7 which, with the stiffer tail in the 2015 Soul 7 makes carving effortless and easy.

This ski is considered an intermediate advanced ski due to its freeride design but, would be a good ski for the active skier who wants to be able to ski off- piste and in the woods.  With a 17 meter turn radius, the Soul 7 has no problem hitting those high speeds but also is able to stop and make a controlled turn quickly.  This ski is a flat mount ski meaning, a binding is not included with the purchase of the ski.  Rossignol offers a two year warranty on their bindings and recommends the Rossignol FKS and Rossignol Axium as good options for bindings compatible with the Soul 7.  The Savory 7 is the female equivalent of the Soul 7, the difference being the lengths available for purchase (Woman’s skis are commonly sold in shorter lengths).  Overall, a great ski for the skier looking to adventure into a little more off- piste terrain but needs something that can remain in control in tricky situations.


2015 Rossignol Soul 7
2015 Rossignol Soul 7


Dimensions: 136-106-126 (180)

Lengths: 164, 172, 180, 188

Turning Radius: 17 meters (180cm)

Skier Ability: Intermediate- AdvancedTesters-Choice_20131_Iconbackcoutnry_IMGPowderSkiersChoice_Emblem

Ski Type: Mixed Snow Freeride

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The 2014 Retallack Ski Jacket from Orage


2014 Retallack Ski Jacket

2014 Retallack Ski Jacket, When you think of the Retallack Lodge and the guides who work there out in Nelson BC, you think cold, rugged, and of course powder. These are the ideas brought forth by Orage in their all new Retallack Jacket for 2014. They wanted to make a product that would suite the needs of the guides in one of the gnarliest skiing environments out there.

Blue_orage_retallack_jacket The Retallack, a full Gore-Tex Shell, will keep you dry and warm when your out in the woods searching for your turns. This Layered Gore-Tex brings the durability up a notch compared to other shells. Extremely light weight and designed for maximum movement while wearing a pack, so for all of you skinning to earn your own, this jacket is for you.

There are many other designs to help you while your out in the glades and back country, like the off centered zipper. This make you back -pack sit more comfortably, and also gets the end zipper off your face for those cold days. With arm vents under arm and perfectly placed pockets for your radio and all other gear, you’ll stay warm and still be stylish once your off the slopes!


I personally loved this jacket when I rode in it at Killington one powder day last season. I couldn’t believe how light the jacket was, and how easily I could move while wearing it. The fit is perfect and even with just a shell I was warm all day long in the brisk Vermont temperatures. I would recommend this jacket to anyone who is out in the back country at all. It keeps you warm and dry, but with its breath-ability I never ended up breaking a sweat, even after riding for hours!

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