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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Mini Powder Afternoon!

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report –  4″ by end of day with snowfall rates of 3/4″-1″per hr. Tomorrow should be a good one!

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report_
Superstar at 3pm this afternoon

One of my favorite things is storm riding a late afternoon snow storm. There’s no mass hysteria to get first chair and snow conditions get better as the day wears on. Usually there’s refills too. All this came true for me today and I was in my glory. Snow started falling around 8am. By noon there was some accumulation, but by 2:00 it picked up intensity. I booted up and headed out to get some fresh turns. Anything that was groomed overnight skied better than things that were not groomed. Those ungroomed trails had a very smooth surface underneath that the new snow didn’t bond to very well. The groomed surfaces had a texture to them which held the new soft snow better.

I skied a few Superstars first,  than on my way to Needle’s Eye I ran into some of Killington’s true blue moguls skiing brethren. They were headed to Lower Vertigo so of course I had to follow them. I wasn’t looking for moguls as I rarely do when there is fresh snow to be skied in, but truthfully Lower Vertigo Skied well. Some really nice mogul lines that were all powdery lines. Nothing like skiing a mogul run full of powder face shots. After a couple of runs with them, I ventured away and headed to K Peak where I figured there would be more snow with the added elevation. It all seemed the same actually and I think the Northbrook area skied best today. Lower angle stuff is always a good bet when dealing with slick stuff underneath.

Tomorrow should be a great day as the snow is still falling.

Hopefully we’ll see somewhere north of a foot by morning. I’ll see you in the lift line for for first chair, most likely at Pico though. Have fun out there and take care. I’m off to Colorado for the week on Sunday to  ski some big mountains. Looking ahead to next week, it looks to be another good week here too  with snow in the forecast I’ll catch you all when I get back.

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report_
Looking down from the top of Lower SS
Basin Sports Killington Snow Report_
Lots of fresh snow waiting to be skied in on Lower SS
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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Major Snowstorm on its way!

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Spring skiing/riding today, but there is a major winter storm starting tomorrow with up to 16″ expected at K Peak. Winter Storm Warning in effect until 2pm on Saturday.

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report_
Forecasters are calling for up to 16″ at K Peak by Saturday


I skied today, but not here (Killington) or Pico, but actually at Middlebury Snow Bowl. So, I cannot comment on what the big K had to offer. From what I heard it was an outstanding day here with temps near 40* under a brilliant blue sky. Around noon or so things started to soften nicely. Especially lower elevations around Bear. Up towards K Peak, things remained relatively wintery all day. By 2:30 or so things started to cloud over and the best part of the day was done.

That cloud cover was the start of this next system moving in. Snow is forecasted to make its arrival late night tonight and stick around right through the midday on Saturday. Reports are calling for up to near a foot and a half of snow by time this things wraps up on Saturday. One good aspect of this storm, like many VT spring storms is that it’s very elevational. Meaning that down in Rutland there only expected to get 4-6″ where it expected to be triple that at the summits. Another nice aspect is that this is expected to be rain south of Albany making for an easy commute to get here and bag some April powder turns.

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report_
Killington Peak Forecast is looking great!
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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Soft snow galore this afternoon

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Soft turns throughout

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report
Basin Sports sales associate, Will, tearing up the soft snow on Lower Ovation this afternoon

Today was another bonus day. We knew the weather was going to break at some point, the question was when. Well, finally around 12:30 or so the clouds lifted and the sun even came out. Unfortunately for me that moment was eclipsed as I didn’t get there until 2 when it started clouding over and even drizzling. Didn’t matter much as the skiing was SO GOOD.

The temps were well above freezing last night so we didnt have any corn snow, but wall to wall soft snow. Groomers were your friend today as anything else was just too manky to be skiable. Temps will drop overnight, so I’m sure all that terrain will come into play later on the week.

I skied with Basin Sports sales associate Will Johnson this afternoon and we stuck to the Superstar chair. We didn’t want to venture too far away from there because if the skies opened up we would be close to home base. The whole Superstar Pod skied well with standouts being Ovation – for its steepness and soft snow and Bittersweet – for its creamy smoothness.

The next couple of days look to be good ones. Temps will be trending more seasonable with sun and near 30. This is before the potential for a small 6″ or so storm moves in Friday night/Saturday Morning. My guess the next couple of days will be Bear as it has lower elevations, thus the snow will soften in the spring sunshine


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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Snowmaking, in March?

Super snowmaking snow on Superstar this afternoon.

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report
Superstar at 3pm today

I hadn’t planned on skiing Superstar today, but after just one run, I knew that the rest of my day would be spent there. It was a massive snowmaking project with what looked like every gun blazing on the upper and lower parts and every other gun on the middle. The product was superior with just the silkiest, smoothest machine made snow you could ask for. I managed to bag nine runs or 10, 000′ vert, which for me is a big midweek work day. Even though, I felt my time was short and before I knew it 4:00 came rolling around and it was time to head back to work. This is most likely it for snowmaking for the season. Hats off to the crew that made it happen. Nice work you all!

Looks like we could have a small system come through that could dump a quick 3-5″ by time lifts shut down tomorrow. Tomorrow could be a good one. Get out there and enjoy. See you out there!


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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Another fantastic day in the books

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report -Soft snow at Bear, midwinter conditions at K Peak

basin sports killington snow report
Top of Superstar to end the day.


Guns fire back up tonight on Superstar!

I got a break today. Usually, when I head out to ski in the late afternoon it starts clouding over at least the snow starts to reset. Not today. Things were relatively overcast until around 2 then the ski turned mostly blue. As a result of things really started to soften nicely, especially after three. The bear was the best today as it just had a chance to soften. Super flat and smooth hero snow.

A wildfire or Bear Claw to what used to be called Grisly, now Lower Dream Maker skied, well dreamy. The lowest pitch had just about the most perfect snow you could ask for.

Over on the ski peak side, the snow was more wintery. Still soft, but not buttery. More carvey than anything. Superstar skied well as did Bittersweet. Didn’t try the moguls on Lower Skylark, but they were good yesterday.

Up at K Peak, I hear thing skied more like midwinter snow. Pick your poison and hit it up. Killington had something to offer for whatever snow surface you prefer today.

This soft snow is a thing of the past as we head to January tomorrow with temps in the low teens. Not my favorite March temps, but this cold snap will bring back the snowmakers! Snowmakers were prepping Superstar by days end – dragging hoses and setting guns. My guess is that they’re going to be making for a couple of days during this cold snap to make for a long spring run! Hee Haw!


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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Another gorgeous day!

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – A truly beautiful day for the first day of spring

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report
High traffic at bear at 3:15pm today..

Today may be the first day of spring and sure the mercury may have even come above freezing, but (not like I need to tell you this) there sure is a lot of snow out there. Here’s a cool thought; it’s the first official day of spring and yet Killington has another 55 or so days left of winter lift served operations. That is wonderful!

I wasn’t planning on skiing today actually as the last week has been one for the record books and I needed the rest. By 1 pm the skied had clouded over and I had pretty much called off skiing for the day. Next thing I know it’s 2:30 and the sun is high in the sky, shining bright. I quickly gathered gear and off I went. I’m glad I went too, the snow surface was fantastic! Soft on bear, especially below lower Wildfire and chalky, wintery snow on the Skye Peak side.

Weird thing was that since it had clouded over earlier, all that soft snow had started to refreeze, but once the sun came out it started to re-soften again. What a treat! Somehow I managed to bag six runs and 8100′ vert. Not bad for a day that I wasn’t planning on skiing. Tomorrow looks to be a repeat of today. Get out there and get some!

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report
Beautiful bluebird afternoon!


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Basin Sports Snow Report – Winter Storm Stella Recap

Today was the best ski day since at least March of 2011.

BAsin Sports Killington Snow Report
Maggie Lenard getting deep at Pico this afternoon


A recap of Winter Storm Stella –  Basin Sports Snow Report. It started snowing here around 8 am on Tuesday and it finally let up around 2 am last night. That’s about 42 hrs of continuous snow. When it was all said and done Killington received around 32″ while it’s little sister, Pico, received around 28″. Needless to say today was all prime.

Things really started cooking Tuesday afternoon when we received around 5 1/2″  in about a 75 minute period around 3 pm. After that, it was all a blur. During the height of Tuesday’s storm, there were lift closures, but it didn’t matter as tracks were filling is as soon as they were laid. The Tuesday storm day was epic.

Yesterday was stellar too as you could imagine. By afternoon though things were getting bumpy and tracked out though. That all quickly changed as the light snow and snow showers of the morning and midday changed over to full-on puking snow. By 2:30 were in full on blizzard mode.

Today was  an all-time day.

Today though. Today was the day of days. Mainly because today was the day that Pico reopened after its Tues- Weds off days. Every flake that fell from Winter Storm Stella lay silent. Waiting to be ripped come Thursday. Thursday came and we ripped. Sure there was a lot of people there. Think Christmas week or MLK Saturday, but it didn’t matter. There was nearly 3′ of untouched waiting; begging to be shredded. And it was.

There were many overhead face shots that were had today and constant midthight to waist-deep turns to be had right to the closing bell. As a matter of fact, I tried to leave at 1:00, but couldn’t. As an avid skier, I just cannot have my last run be ridden with powder face shots. So I stayed and continued on. I just had to.

If you missed out. you missed out. Come for scraps this weekend. If you were there congratulations and relish the memory that today was.




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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – From spring to winter in five minutes

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Warm and sunny to snow squalls in five minutes

Today’s report is from Basin Sports Ambassador Rob K. I will mention that I took off at the superstar chair and it was warm and sunny. By time I made it to the base of Bear it was overcast. Before I reached the top of the SPE it was snowing. Not even a minute later it was absolutely dumping. Snow squalls have been through the area all afternoon. Lets hope it adds up to a few inches by morning


I’m back after some business meetings in CT & NY.


Started out at Bear Mtn. Skyeburst, Bear Claw, and Wildfire had soft groomed surface with a smear of white cream cheese snow on top. The initial 36 degree temp dropped and a wintery mix developed.


Skied Panic/ Needles which was not as soft as Bear trails. Cruise Control was better as was Bitter / High road.


Skyelark skied well and Superstar (SS) was clearly my ROTD ( Run of the Day) with fantastic soft white snow and terrific coverage. The snow markers did an excellent job rekindling SS back to glory!


Temps drop tonight through the weekend so the guns will be resurfacing and the wonderful Mountain Ops team will work their magic as per usual!

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report
Lower Skyehawk
Basin Sports Killington Snow Report
Lower Skyehawk meets Upper Skyelark


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Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – A rain free for the most part bonus day!

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report – Soft Snow for a day that was supposed to be a washout that wasn’t

Basin Sports Killington Snow Report
As you can see, I had my own private ski area this afternoon

So, forecasters, this morning were calling for showers in the morning and more of steady rain as the day wore on. I figured I’d pack a bag of gear just in case to see if I could sneak out for a few in the afternoon. I’m glad I did as I was rewarded with some sweet soft turns.

My first couple of runs were in a heavy mist and drizzle. At that point of thinking” what am I doing here?”, the precip stopped. The visibility was in and out all day, but at least your goggles stayed dry.

I skied three down to Bear via the Skye Peak Express and five runs on Superstar. I was hoping that the lower in elevation I went the better the visibility, but no such luck. There was even an inversion going on too as Skye Peak had softer snow than the base of Bear. I wasn’t up at the Peak today, but I heard that had great spring snow too.

Since Bear was clouded in, I stuck to Superstar mostly was the freshly made snow skied great. The cloud line was somewhere around tower 7 or where High Road cuts over from Superstar. Staying way left on upper and middle SS gave enough perception thanks to the trees. After an hour fifteen and bagging 10,500 verts it was time to head back to work.