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Never Summer Lady West Board Review

The Never Summer Lady West Board Review- For Aggressive Female Riders

The Never Summer Raven Redesign? Or A New Board All Together?

Never Summer Lady West

A few years ago Never Summer retired the Women’s Raven board line and released two new boards as replacements. The Aura and the Infinity. Both had their own characteristics but left many Raven lovers a bit heartbroken because their tried and true Raven was no more. To this day we still get people asking for the Raven. But, there’s a new board in town and it’s the closest replacement to the Raven yet. Introducing the Never Summer Lady West. Taking the characteristics of the Men’s West and the favorite features of the Raven to create one kick ass board.

So how does the raven look next to the lady west spec for spec?

Lady West Raven
Size (cm) 149 149
Effective Edge (mm) 1140 1160
Tip Width (mm) 281 282
Waist Width (mm) 236 237
Tail Width (mm) 276 282
Sidecut Radius (m) Vario 723* Vario 697˚


Most notably looking at specs is the tail width. This is due to the more directional twin shape and a blend of Fusion Rocker Camber. The Raven had Original Rocker camber which made the rider be more center over the board. With the Fusion Rocker Camber you have a similar rocker camber shape but the transition area will only be found in the tip and not the tail on the Never Summer Lady West. This is the biggest notable difference. Stance is setback a bit more and not as center. Otherwise things like Stiffness, and wrap are the same. The elastomers used in the Lady West is the RDS2 not the RDS1. And as previously mentioned many characteristics of the Lady West will remind you of the Raven.


Never Summer Lady West Never Summer Lady West Never Summer Lady West



So how does this board feel on snow? Since it’s not a true asymmetrical twin, it’s going to enjoy a more all-mountain shredder than anything else. It’s designed to carve across the whole mountain efficiently and effectively. If you’re a jibber we’re going to push you towards the proto type two. On snow the Never Summer Lady West is really fun. So fun in fact that I’m pretty sure all our female snowboarders on staff will be buying one. This is a fun but aggressive board. It’s designed for aggressive female riders who want to be able to go all over the mountain and go fast. Granted with the setback stance you don’t want to go to fast. But edge to edge the Lady West carves easily. It’s fast and fluid and easy to turn. When you’re in a predicament or unfavorable conditions the Lady West is a confidence builder. It’s got great edge hold and with its Fusion Rocker will really plow through choppy snow. But again this is an all-mountain board. If you’re a jibber, or like softer boards Consider the Shade or the Proto. We’re all really digging this board and are excited to offer a better replacement to the Never Summer Raven.

These boards are available for Purchase at Basin Sports and we’ll have a full demo collection available for the 19/20 season.

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