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Top 4 Skis Of 2017 – At Least In Our Opinion

Top 4 Skis Of 2017 A Look At What’s In Store

Classifying the Top 4 Skis of 2017 is no small feat.  For one thing I have to narrow down a plethora of skis out there to four and well this year is sure full of surprises and a few oddities. SIA is over, orders are in and President’s Week is almost over.  With the way winter has been going for us here on the east coast many of us who are multi- seasonal are chomping at the bit to get into mountain bike season which hopefully produces a better season that the wintery mixture we’ve received this year. But I’m getting sidetracked and well let’s get down to the Top 4 Skis of 2017.


  1. 2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD



Top 4 Skis Of 2017
2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD



Let’s be honest here for a second. The S 7 series was getting a little stale. The once best-selling ski in the world needed a makeover and Rossignol delivered.  The 2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD is the new and improved Soul 7 with a few major changes. We’re going to look past the (in my opinion) horrendous color scheme and focus on construction because that’s the more important part right?

What you can look forward to is a new carbon alloy and paulownia core construction. This makes the ski a bit stiffer in attempt to reduce that pesky tip and tail flap and increase stability that was lacking in previous models. You’re still getting that air tip technology and powder turn rocker but the major changes are the construction of the core and laminate integration. Turn radius and dimensional specs are identical, but Rossignol felt a makeover was needed and the new and improved 2017 Soul 7 HD is bound to attract a new audience.


  1. 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93mm


Top 4 Skis Of 2017
2017 Nordica Enforcer 93



With the tremendous success Nordica had with the Enforcer this year (Ski Magazine Ski Of the Year) they felt it was only right to expand the enforcer collection and offer a different waist option. Behold the 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 a new addition to the Nordica Enforcer family. With dimensions of 126-93-114 and the same construction as it’s big brother it’s bound to catch the attention of east coast rippers.

This flat mount, full sidewall ski guarantees that you can lay the edge over and carve up a storm with these bad boys.  And we have a few left from our early release order available, but you have to call to get in on the goodies.

p.s… rumor has it a wider than 100mm waist option may be in the works for 2017/18


  1. 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti

(Photo Coming Soon/ It Looks Rad Though)

A crowd favorite at SIA this year the 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti is turning heads. Five years ago a lot of people wouldn’t even consider Armada as a major company in the ski industry. And they weren’t, they had a major freestyle following then. Since then Armada has gained momentum as an All- Mountain/ Freeride Ski company and have been producing some kick ass skis. They’ve tried really hard to cater to a wider audience and for 2017 I think they knocked the nail right on the head. The 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti is not a park ski, in fact it’s classified as an All- Mountain Directional Ski.

Construction wise there’s no messing around with these sticks and I wouldn’t recommend this ski to a beginner. The 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti comes with two sheets of titanal (One on top, one on the bottom) and Carbon Kevalar Struts in the laminate. At 133-99-123 this ski sports dimensions similar to any popular All- Mountain ski in the 100mm waist range and even has a power lite core. The difference being that the 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti sports tip rocker soley with a flat tail for more camber underfoot.  This ski would be a good option as an aggressive in-bounds dawn patrol type ski if you wanted to mount it up as a tour option. Obviously, you don’t have to go tour but, as an All- Mountain ski the 2017 Armada Invictus 99Ti is going to be a powerhouse option and is one of Top 4 Skis Of 2017.


  1. 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI


Top 4 Skis Of 2017
2016 Atomic 100 CTI. 2017 Shares same color way with slight differences in lettering layout.



If you read our Top 4 Skis Of 2016 from last year, you’ll recognize the 100 and I’m putting it back on here for a reason.  This ski was (what I felt) kind of left behind due to the popularity of the Nordica Enforcer this year and it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around it because almost every skier that works in this shop has bought a pair of Atomic Vantages and yet It fails to get the recognition it deserves. The 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI shares similar characteristics of its popular counterpart but there’s a few major differences.

The biggest would be rocker design. The 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI has 20% Tip Rocker and 10% Mild tail Rocker. The 2017 Nordica Enforcer has 25/5 Rocker and that slight difference makes all the difference. For one thing the effective edge (The edge in contact with the snow) is more forward on the Vantage making edge initiation easier. Next Carbon, mhmmm carbon. Carbon Tank Mesh makes the Vantage snappy as hell and incredibly dynamic. That combined with its titanium backbone makes this ski an incredibly fun multi- dynamic ski. Having that effective edge more forward means that when you’re on edge and preparing to exit the turn, your skis stay stable underfoot and don’t “wash out” on exit. They power in and out of the turn.

Ice, Crud, Slush, Powder the 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI can do it all and will transform your ski experience from a “meh” kind of ski day to an amazing day on snow which is why it’s one of the Top 4 Skis Of 2017.


To Conclude


Just to be clear, I started off with the intention to write up a top 5 skis blog. And well, I wasn’t super impressed with some of the things coming out this year. Many are attempts at older concepts from five years ago that didn’t work. But Niche is in and hey maybe they’ll work. Now to wrap up this blog…

These are the Top 4 Skis Of 2017 for a reason. They’re dynamic, stable and work in a multitude of conditions. All these skis are in the 100mm All- Mountain class because that’s the biggest ski audience at the moment. If narrower skis is your cup of tea, or maybe you’re a “powdah hound” then calling us is the best route you could take.  We won’t force a ski upon you just for the sale either, sharing passion is our number one goal and we’d rather see you on snow than not at all.

These Skis are not available on our website yet but many of their 2016 Counterparts are and can be found by clicking the buttons below.


2017 SIA Ski Collection Sneak Peak

2016 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI

2016 Nordica Enforcer

2016 Rossignol Soul 7 


We’re Ready To Shred, Are you?

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Salomon Ski Review: Astra & Gemma

Salomon Ski Review Of The Astra & Gemma- Frontside Skis for the Outdoorsy Ladies on the Slopes

New for Salomon this year, the Astra and Gemma bring new levels of exploration to the frontside carver ski for the timid women to the aggressive speed demon cruiser. Out of the Salomon Constellation collection the Gemma and Astra explore all the options for frontside skiing.

Salomon Ski Review
2016 Salomon Womens Astra Ski with Bindings

Salomon Astra

If you’re wondering what I mean when I say frontside, I mean a ski that’s mainly sticking to groomers and is shaped directionally instead of twin tipped.  With the Astra you get a narrower waisted option coming in at 78mm underfoot. This allows for precise edge to edge transmission and manageable skis for a novice to intermediate skier. The Salomon Astra is also a system ski which means it comes with a binding, the Lithium 10 ski binding.  Any ski that has a built in rail system incorporated into the design comes with bindings. It doesn’t necessarily make the ski better or worse, it’s just easier to adjust and can be swapped easily if you were to change boots down the line.  With dimensions of 125-78-106 and a 13m turn radius at 161cm, the Salomon Astra makes a great carving ski for the lady who loves to cruise the groomers.  The Astra also comes with a Semi- Sandwich wood core and a Basalt Layer.  Rossignol has been using this concept for a few years now and it’s said that this layer of Basalt helps dampen the ski and allow for a smoother ride. Or so they say, it all comes down to the skier and what they’re looking for. I personally felt a minimal difference with the Basalt layer incorporated into the design. To make this ski women specific Salomon also added there “Control Frame” into the design of the ski which supposedly helps make the ski more manageable.  This again points back to the more timid skier who likes to take their time, the control frame helps stabilize the ski and make it easy to turn, making your time on the slopes enjoyable. Maybe you’re a weekend warrior just like to ski at your own pace, the Salomon Astra is an option you should be considering.
Available in 147,154,161, and 168cm

Salomon Ski Review
2016 Salomon Womens Germma Ski With Bindings

Salomon Gemma

Wider than the Astra, the Salomon Gemma offers up the option of venturing off trail every once and a while a possibility.  Coming in at 85mm underfoot, the Salomon Gemma produces a wider platform for the adventure seeking lady out there.  No Basalt layer in this ski, instead an ultra-light woodcore is incorporated to help you fly down the slopes.  But don’t think that removing the Basalt layer makes this ski any less of a power house, in fact it’s listed as stiff or the stiffest option on Salomon’s website. In fact, we’d recommend it to the upper intermediate to advanced skier out there.  And it’s not necessarily groomer specific.  If you felt the urge to jump in the woods or hit the off-piste bumps, the Gemma would be able to carry you through it.  Also a system ski the Salomon Gemma has a Salomon XT10 Binding with a 3-10 DIN range. The Gemma guarantees the most control on multiple snowpack conditions.
Available in 157,163, and 169cm

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2016 Nordica OMW Review

Nordica OMW- More than Just a Park Ski

2016 Nordica OMW SkiThe Nordica OMW is interesting enough as a ski classified for Freestyle.  It’s much more adaptable than that and for someone on a budget who may be a weekend warrior or vacation goer, would find that the Nordica OMW is much more capable as and All- Mountain Ski than anything else. People who still particularly enjoy a traditional cambered ski would like the Nordica OMW.  Honestly, a lot of freestyle specified skis shouldn’t be overlooked as an all-mountain option. The Nordica OMW is just another great example of that with its traditional camber and Energy 2 Carbon Sandwich construction which means it’s snappy and quick.  Basically, Nordica took carbon stringers and integrated it into the construction to liven up the ski.  Despite its freestyle classification it also made the ski a great bump/mogul ski and with its 89mm waist width it does pretty well all over the mountain.

ABS sidewall is also added to the Nordica OMW which is hard not to find in a Nordica ski these days.  It basically makes the ski absorb vibrations more efficiently so you feel less in your knees and more power in your skis. Best of all it comes with a 2 year warranty instead of the typical 1 year option which is pretty nice to have. What else? 20m turn radius at 174 which is again the norm for the typical all- mountain ski. Dimensions are 121-98-113 making this ski hold up in most east coast conditions.

Take away should be that if you are looking for an affordable all-mountain option that’s built to take a beating then you should be considering the Nordica OMW as an all- mountain option.

Peaked Your Interest?

You Can Buy The Ski Here:Just A Click Away

P.S. There’s free shipping…


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2016 K2 Shreditor 92 & 102

Freeride Focused, All- Mountain Dominator

2016 K2 Shreditor 92 Ski
2016 K2 Shreditor 92 Ski

Throwing it back with some old school graphics, the K2 Shreditor 92 and 102 is often overlooked by many looking for All- Mountain Ski.  Both the 92 and 102 share the same name but, have some pretty different construction designs.  Wood core, sidewall build up and turning radius are just a few. But don’t let this retro, full twin tip ski scare you off, there’s plenty behind this ski that has made a name for itself.

Shreditor 92

This fierce all-mountain ski is kick ass.  This non-metal charger has a turning radius of 21m @ 184cm and can charge powder like the rest of them.  With 124-92-118 as its dimensional shape the 92 does just fine in an east coast powder day. But, it’s going to excel in the unnatural, freeride terrain.  If bumps are your calling then the 92 is calling to you (see what I did there?).  Fir and Aspen make up the core in the 92 with a fiberglass laminate sandwiched in there. The Fir/ Aspen mix adds stability at high speeds and suppleness in tight shit. It’s got absorb sidewall made up of a Urethane mixture so you really snap in and out of turns, and you can lay it over if your into that sort of thing.  But bumps and trees is where this ski will excel.  The tight technical stuff is what makes the K2 Shreditor 92 stand out.
It’s also skin compatible so you could put a BC setup on it if you wanted.  But, it’s available in 163, 170, 177, and 184cm so there’s gotta be a size in there that suits you.  This true twin tip ski is blunt tapered as well.  The blunt taper is supposed to reduce weight and make the ski more maneuverable.  You’ll find this blunt taper design in both the 92 and 102. If you ski off- piste more than on but will occasionally charge those groomers, don’t overlook this ski because it’s going to kick a lot of ass.

Shreditor 102

2016 K2 Shreditor 102 Ski
2016 K2 Shreditor 102 Ski

Phat skis seems to be the common choice amongst skier’s nowadays. The Shreditor 102 gets overlooked way too much.  This year they put the throwback graphic on it and it reminds me of the old Scott P4’s I think they were from 2010? Anyways, the graphic is different but I often find myself telling customers don’t pick a ski because it matches your outfit, or because your favorite color is green.  Buy the ski because it fits your skiing style.
When I think of the ideal Shreditor 102 customer I think of the guy/gal who tried park but decided it wasn’t for them.  The skier who gets bored skiing groomers all day.  The skier who sees that little hit off trail and makes a B-Line to lip off of it. It’s a true twin as well and that often seems to scare off the older crowd.  I’ve more times than not had an older gentleman who I convinced to take out a twin tip ski come back with a big grin on their face.
So what you get is an Aspen/ Paulownia core ski.  A little softer than the 92 but still fun. The main purpose of the Paulownia is to reduce weight and reduce swing rate for turning.  Same blunt taper in the 102 but then there’s the TwinTech sidewall that rolls up into the ski to reduce wear. If you’re a ski wacker then you’ll like this ski. It’s designed to be beat around. Lengths available are 172, 177, 184 and 191 and is skin compatible for the backcountry powdah- hounds. The biggest difference between the 92 and 102 besides waist width, is the 102 @184 has a 20 meter turning radius.  That’s shorter than the 92 and mainly because of core construction.

Pick Your Poison

If I’ve caught your attention, and you want to no more, maybe buy the ski, you can call the shop or check out the skis here.  Don’t be shy, we don’t always bite back.
K2 Shreditor 92: Click Here

K2 Shreditor 102: Click Here

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Line Supernatural 92& 100 (2016 Model)

With Discussion about the 2017 Redesign
New to the Line freeride collection last year the Line Supernatural has been spat into an ever evolving design change.  Each year, ski design for the 92mm seems to change.  Last year Line birthed the Supernatural collection in multiple waist widths with the 92 and 100 being the most popular.  These skis shared similar construction as its current successor but one big thing has changed.

Not Your Typical Freeride Ski

2016 Line Supernatural 92 Ski
2016 Line Supernatural 92 Ski

The 2016 Supernatural 92 is the ideal ski for an ex-ski racer, the aggressive, hard charging adventurous skier. With dimensions of 127-92-115 the Supernatural has donned the right of the aggressive, packed powder freeride ski that can still manage the average east coast powder day.  Also incorporated into construction is the Line maple macroblock core and 5 cut dimensional shape.  The staple of Line’s popularity is the Maple macroblock core due to its responsiveness in a wide variety of conditions.
Last year Line incorporated Vibram absorbing sidewall into its design for the 92. And it worked, that’s something I can honestly say I noticed in the ski was its smoothness and vibration absorption.  Now I don’t have the inside scoop but, the vibram sidewall was removed in this year’s ski. That’s the big thing that’s changed. Is it better? Is it worse? Possibly, but it comes down to what you like to ski and where you ski.
With the Supernatural another big difference is the metal incorporated into the design.  Unlike other ski companies who just put a sheet of titanal into the ski, Line went ahead and added it only in key places. They call it the Metal Matrix and kind of like Atomic’s Titanium Backbone, the metal is supposed to be an absorber but still allow the ski to flex in a more “natural” style.
My personal thoughts on the Supernatural 92 is this.  Me not being a racer (but having more than one person ask me if I’ve ever raced), and being a girl means this.  I’m an aggressive skier who kicks a lot of ass on the mountain.  I like to go fast, huck off cliffs and ski for 8+ hours without stopping.  I personally felt with the Supernatural 92 that I had to be on it all the time.  I had to ski forward to get the skis to stay stable.  Any standing up and not being on it meant squirrelly skis.  But then again, I’m not a racer, I never was and never plan to start skiing gates any time soon.  If I weighed 50 pounds more maybe mounted the skis +1 and had a different boot I’d get a kick out of these bad boys.
Not to say these weren’t fun, I had a blast but, I also like to goof off on my skis and I drag poles drag ass and ski switch.  If you’re an ex-racer, ex- moguls skier you’d probably love the 92. If you want the vibram sidewall, we still have some leftover from last year that can be purchased here with free shipping! If you’re in the market for a wider waisted ski or are curious what’s in store for next year, well keep reading!

I Like Phat Skis And I Cannot Lie, Wait What?

2016 Line Supernatural 100 Ski
2016 Line Supernatural 100 Ski

Behold in all her glory the Line Supernatural 100! Isn’t she pretty? The 100 waist width class of skis seems to be the norm for inbounds skiers these days.  The happy medium or the one ski quiver.  And it is in a way.  The Line Supernatural 100 comes 132-100-121 and unlike the 92 still has its vibram sidewall. It also sports the more typical rocker profile (excuse me, “Early Rise Profile”, sorry Line?) with 5-4-3.  Basically those numbers represent how far your ski is off the snow and at what point it makes contact, but that’s a whole different blog post that’s a bit more technical. We won’t dive into that really, the jist is that 5-4-3 rocker profile is what most skis in the 100mm waist width class sport.  Right now the 2016 Supernatural 100 is available in 172, 179 and 186.  Next year it will only be offered in 179,186,192 with no design changes.
Construction is the same through all three years (’15,’16,’17), so if you’re not opposed to a red veneer top sheet you could save a few dollars and just buy last year’s model here:
Pick Me! Pick Me!
Same construction as the 92 in regards to 5 cut dimensional and metal matrix, that doesn’t change.
I really liked the way the 100 skied, it suited my goofy aggressive skiing style.  I felt like airing off that little hit and then carving a big GS turn was easy, not quite as much of a struggle as I felt the 92 was.  A good all- mountain freeride quiver but would make a good touring ski as well.

Moving Into The Future

The big changes for next year is the 92 design.  Redesigned….again with more taper and a more similar rocker profile of the Armada Declivity.  So next year’s Line Supernatural 92mm is still 92mm underfoot but is now 131-92-118.  Not a huge difference from the current model but enough to notice.  Line says this construction make the ski easier to turn.  Rocker profile is now 4-4-1 versus this year’s 3-5-2.  Again look at the Declivity and you’ll start to see serious similarities.
Both skis come out of the factory with a 2 degree edge and both seem to be trending towards a more directional design.  Also new for next year is the Supernatural 86, another 80mm class ski (which honestly we need more of) for the inbounds bump skier who carves like a madman.  Obviously different graphic moving forward but no changes design wise for the 100mm.

Has my witty, comical review on the Supernatural’s caught your eye?

Then buy a ski! P.S Your Welcome…

2016 Line Supernatural 92:Click Here
2016 Line Supernatural 100: Click Here

2016 Line Supernatural 92 2017 Line Supernatural 92
Dimensions 127-92-115 131-92-118
Rocker Profile 3-5-2 4-4-1
Available Lengths 165,172,179,186 165,172,179,186
2016 Line Supernatural 100 2017 Line Supernatural 100
Dimensions 132-100-121 132-100-121
Rocker Profile 5-4-3 5-4-3
Available Lengths 172,179,186 179,186,192

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2016 Atomic Skis

2016 Basin Sports Atomic Ski Line- Up

2016 Basin Sports Atomic Ski Lineup
2016 Atomic Ski Lineup (Cloud 9 not pictured)

2016 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI Ski

Re-designed and better than ever, the 2016 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI is about to take your skiing to the next level.  Crud, Powder, Hardpack, Bumps, Trees, whatever you prefer, this ski can do it all and make you look good doing it.

Available in 172, 180 and 188

  • Newly Redesigned
  • Widest of the Vantage Collection
  • Titanium Backbone 2.0 and Carbon Tank Mesh
  • Firewall to absorb vibrations
  • Power woodcore + All- Mountain Rocker


  • Tip: 138 (@ 180cm)
  • Waist: 100 (@ 180cm)
  • Tail: 125 (@ 180cm)
  • Radius: 18m (@ 180cm)
  • Weight 1.95kg per ski (@188cm)

2016 Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Ski

At 90mm underfoot you bet you can ski practically everything on the Atomic Vantage 90 CTI.  90mm underfoot, titanium backbone, some carbon and a whole lot of precision.  From fast hardpack to backcountry powder you bet you can ski all of it with ease.

Available in 169, 176, 184

  • Redesigned into the new Vantage Line
  • Power woodcore
  • Titanium Backbone 2.0 + Carbon Tankmesh
  • Firewall Sidewall


  • Tip: 133.5 (@184cm)
  • Waist: 90 (@184cm)
  • Tail: 117 (@184cm)
  • Radius: 17.8m (@184cm)
  • Weight: 1.82 kg per ski (@184cm)
2016 Basin Sports Atomic Ski Lineup
2016 Mens lineup but Atomic.

2016 Atomic Vantage C Skis

Meet the Atomic Vantage C, a 95mm ski with some seriously cool features.  A redesigned version of the Vantage Theory, Atomic has redesigned the mold and quite possibly broken the mold with the better than ever Vantage C. A ski for beginners to advanced skiers.

Available in 162, 170, 178, 186

  • 95mm underfoot
  • No Titanium just Carbon Tank Mesh
  • The perfect combination to do anything and go anywhere


  • Tip: 134 (@186cm)
  • Waist: 90 (@186cm)
  • Tail: 121 (@186cm)
  • Radius: 18.9m (@186cm)
  • Weight: 1.85 kg (@186cm)

2016 Atomic Redster

When people comment about how sparks wer flying from your skis because you were going so fast, you don’t have to look at them with a quizzical look.  You can look at them, smile and say, it’s because I’m on a pair of Atomic Redsters.

Available in 172 and 184

  • Race Specific
  • Doubledeck 3.0 means advanced shock absorption
  • RAMP Tech, this allows the ski to come around a turn quicker
  • Tapered sidewall


  • Tip: 115 (@172cm)
  • Waist: 71 (@172cm)
  • Tail: 102 (@172cm)
  • Radius: 17m (@ 178cm)
  • Weight: 2.68kg (@178cm)


  • Doubledeck 3.0
  • RAMP Tech
  • Tapered Sidewall
  • Power Woodcore
  • Titanium Powered

Womens Skis:

2016 Atomic Women’s Vantage C W Ski

For the lady who likes to finish her run with the guys lagging behind, look no further than the Atomic Vantage C W. The Vantage C W crushes trail and doesn’t leave you tired at the bottom, but rather wanting to go again.

Available in 154, 162

  • Widest of the Women’s Vantage Collection
  • Light woodcore for the powder hunting
  • Carbon Tank Mesh for for stability
  • All- Mountain Rocker


  • Tip: 131(@162cm)
  • Waist: 95 (@162cm)
  • Tail: 116.5 (@162cm)
  • Radius: 16.8m (@170cm)
  • Weight: 1.67kg (@170)

2016 Atomic Women’s Vantage 90 CTI  W Ski

2016 Basin Sports Atomic Skis
2016 Atomic Women’s Ski Lineup

The Atomic Women’s Vantage 90 CTI ski, is a progressive, adaptable, high performance ski for the lady who rips better than the boys.  Snappy, yet supple and fun all over the mountain you won’t want to hit the slopes without it.

Available in 153, 161, 169

  • Titanium backbone and Carbon Tank Mesh
  • Firewall sidewall
  • Light woodcore


  • Tip: 130 (@169cm)
  • Waist: 90 (@169cm)
  • Tail: 114(@169cm)
  • Radius: 16m (@169cm)
  • Weight: 1.6kg (@169cm)

2016 Atomic Women’s Eleven XT Ski

Finally, a women’s specific race ski that performs like a top of the line men’s ski should.  Gain that extra second on the race hill on a pair of Atomic Eleven XT Skis.  A top of the line ski for the avid female ski racer.

Available in 155 and 162

  • Race Specific for Women
  • 95% camber contact
  • Similar to the Redster
  • Titanium Stbilizer


  • Tip: 121.5 (@162cm)
  • Waist: 71 (@162cm)
  • Tail: 104 (@162cm)
  • Radius: 13m (@162cm)
  • Weight: 1.86kg (@162cm)

This is a system ski that comes with Atomic XT 10 Ti Bindings

2016 Atomic Women’s Cloud Nine Ski

Performance for all women, that’s the idea behind the Atomic Cloud Nine Ski.  Favoring the hardpark, the Cloud Nine is a great intermediate skiers carving quiver.  Narrow enough to lay on edge but wide enough to manage mixed conditions the Cloud Nine is worth it.

Available in 142, 149 and 156

  • Favours hardpack
  • Intermediate skier carving quiver
  • Densolite Core
  • Step down Sidewall
  • Titanium Stabilizer


  • Tip: 127.5 (@ 156cm)
  • Waist: 74 (@ 156cm)
  • Tail: 104 (@ 156cm)
  • Radius: 11m (@ 156cm)
  • Weight: 17.1kg (@ 156cm)

This is a system ski that comes with Atomic Lithium 10 Ti Bindings

Kids Skis:

2016 Atomic Junior Bent Chetler Mini Ski

2016 Basin Sports Atomic Ski Lineup
Our Junior selection of Atomic Skis

No friends on a powder day isn’t just a term for adults with the Atomic Bent Chetler Mini, the little rippers can shred the waist deep freshies too.  90mm waist width and powder rocker allows the ski to maneuver easily through white wonderlands with ease.

Available in 133, 143

  • Powder slayer for kids
  • Downplayed widths, but same shape to that of the Bent Chetler
  • Powder Rocker + Step down Sidewall


  • Tip: 124 (@143cm)
  • Waist: 90 (@143cm)
  • Tail: 115.5 (@143cm)
  • Radius: 12m (@143cm)
  • Weight:1.25kg (@143cm)

2016 Atomic Junior Redster Jr Edge Ski

Like its big brother, the Atomic Redster Junior Edge Ski is going to carry your little guy down the race course with ease and effortlessness.  Solid edge grip and solid construction, it’s hard to be disappointed with the Atomic Redster Junior.

Available in 115, 120, 125, 130

  • For up and coming young racers
  • 65mm waist
  • Full cap Sidewall
  • Densolite Core


  • Tip: 110 (@130cm)
  • Waist: 65 (@130cm)
  • Tail: 93 (@130cm)
  • Radius:11m (@140cm)
  • Weight: 1.27kg (@ 140cm)

This is a system ski that comes with Atomic XTE 7 Bindings

So if we’ve peaked your interest, you should give us a call or check us out online, 802-422-3234,



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2016 Nordica Skis: A Review

A Review of Nordica’s Newest Members to Their Collection

This past year at SIA (Ski Industry Association) Nordica released a few new skis to their lineup.  Some shared names of past models with a rejuvenated design, others were new altogether.  This article provides a cumulative overview of all Nordica skis Basin Sports is carrying for the 2016 skis season.

2016 Nordicas
A look at the 2016 Nordicas that have arrived in our store so far.

New Skis

2016 Nordica Enforcer:

133-100-121 (177CM)

  • New Mold
  • The love child of the Nordica Patron and Nordica Helldorado
  • 2 Sheets of Titanium
  • Big Mountain Look, All- Mountain Feel
  • Staple Nordica Hammerhead Tip
  • 16.5M Turn Radius at 177cm

2016 Nordica Santa Anna:

133-100-121 (177cm)

  • Mimicking the new Nordica Enforcer, the Santa Anna is the women’s version
  • Balsa Wood Core
  • No Titanium Core
  • All- Mountain Classification

2016 Nordica Fire Arrow 80ti:

130-80-110 (174cm)

  • New to the Fire Arrow Line-up
  • Designed to be, “The greatest all- mountain carving ski you ever owned
  • Race ready chassis
  • Wider waist
  • Oversized Slalom Tip Shape
  • Has extra stability when you need it, but the right amount of forgiveness in mixed snow conditions.
  • Carving Focused
  • Power, Stability, mixed with versatility
2016 Nordica
A closer look at the Soul Rider and La Nina.

2016 Nordica Skis With No Changes

2016 Nordica La Nina (New Graphic):

143-113-132 (177cm)

  • Mimics the Helldorado
  • Designed for the hard charging, powder hunting, big mountain babes.
  • Superlight and powerful “wi- core”
  • 113mm waist width
  • Effortless Float, and superb edgehold
  • Has the versatility to go from hardpack to bottomless bumps

2016 Cinnamon 76:

124-76-104 (168cm)

  • Custom built for confident female skiers
  • All- mountain versatility with the best carving experience possible
  • Slighly wider waist than the Dobermann or Fire Arrow to increase stability in hard and mixed snow conditions
  • Moderate race profile radically improves edgehold

2016 Nordica Belle To Belle (New Graphic):

114-78-98 (169 Cm)

  • 78mm underfoot makes the Belle to Belle the narrowest of the Belle collection
  • Balsa Core Technology
  • Modern tapered tail shape for enhanced steerability and control

2016 Nordica Wild Belle (New Graphic):

124-88-108 (177cm)

  • 88mm underfoot
  • Has enough float for soft sluff and plenty of sidecut for laying it over on hardpack
  • All- Mountain “camRock” technology (Nordica’s take on Rocker)
  • Micro Laminate Balsa Core
  • A great one ski quiver

2016 Nordica OMW (New Graphic):

121-89-113 (174cm)

  • 89mm waist and slight tip tail rocker
  • new sidecut design creating a more all- mountain feel
  • Non- symmetrical sidecut
  • burly wood core sandwich construction
  • Energetic ski, packed with performance

2016 Nordica Nrgy 100:

136-100-120 (177cm)

  • Ultimate One Ski Quiver
  • Most moder and versatile all- mountain on the market
  • i- core Ti technology
    • Basically they inlay the metal into the wood core, instead of placing it ontop of the core
  • All- Mountain camRock Technology
  • Excels in everything and is an amazing ski

2016 Nordica Nrgy 90:

126-90-110 (177cm)

  • Same technology as the Nrgy 100, but with a 90mm waist
  • A great choice for someone who doesn’t necessarily want the 100 underfoot ski

2016 Nordica Helldorado:

143-113-132 (177cm)

  • Like its name, the Helldorado is an ass- kicking ski
  • Built for speed, power and all- condition domination
  • Holds big arcs and can still carve
  • Has a TON of rocker making it great on powder days
  • Two sheets of titanal
  • Unique sidecut
  • A dynamic ski for the “big man” skier

2016 Nordica Patron (New Graphic):

143-113-132 (177cm)

  • This ski is a mastiff of a ski
  • Powder CamRock technology (that means rocker up the wazoo)
  • Blunt Nose Tip Design
  • Surfy yet stable
  • Powder designed in mind

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2016 Nordica
The new 2016 Nordica Skis Fleet
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Top 4 Skis for The 2016 Season- Or At Least In Our Opinion

Skis to Keep an Eye on Next Season:

Top 4 Skis of the 2016 Ski Season

Ariel Kent

Tradeshows are winding down, orders a have been placed and everyone is pretty set on what their lineup of skis will be for the 15-16 winter.  We’ve narrowed down our list from all the skis tested and demoed to the top four that stand out the most and will make the greatest impression on the ski industry next season.

Tail Profile
Tip Profile
Side Profile
Base Profile
Topsheet profile

Atomic Vantage 100CTi

First off, Jake Strassburger, Atomic’s alpine category manager, claims the new Vantage 100 is the best ski Atomic has ever made.  The new Vantage is lighter, stronger and better than its previous model for many reasons.  The first is the carbon tank mesh inlayed into the ski.  Picture a chicken wire like pattern, with a matte black finish.  The carbon acts as an absorber, as well as adding rigidity and snap making this ski power in and out of turns effortlessly.  The carbon also makes the ski lighter and more dynamic in variable conditions- a true all- mountain quiver.  The wood core has been updated helping to reduce weight and the other big kicker is the titanium inserts into the ski.  No longer have a titanium backbone but rather inserts that leave space underfoot so that the ski can flex naturally.  Otherwise, design is similar to last year’s 100 Vantage in regards to shape. This will make a great do everything ski and is a great option for someone looking to replace their one ski quiver.  In fact, multiple employees at Basin Sports have already ordered a pair for next season.

Available Sizes: 172, 180, 188

188cm: 139.5-100-126.5/ 19m

180cm: 138-100-125/ 18m

172cm: 136-100-123.5/ 16.9m

1,950g per ski

Tourist pictured 2nd from the left.
creative topsheet graphic

LINE Tourist

Line has jumped on the “ski uphill” bandwagon and developed a ski designed for going uphill first, the LINE Tourist.  Constructed with Line’s cloud core (also found in the Magnum Opus and next seasons redesigned Sir Francis Bacon) this ski is super light weighing in at 1,670g per ski.  They also took the shockwall technology that was in this year’s Supernatural line and incorporated it into the ski.  That makes the ski absorb vibrations more efficiently and dissipate it before your knees do.  So what you’re getting is a lightweight, fast climbing ski that’s going to get you from point A to point B without wasting a ton of energy.  Then you’re also getting the same quality ski going downhill.  The Tourist is very snappy and quick moving downhill and was rather surprising for such a light ski. So in conclusion what you will get is a solid side-country, backcountry ski that will also perform like an all- mountain charger on in-bounds uphill jaunts.

Available Sizes: 179, 186

135-102-120/ 18.7m/ 1,670g

Nordica Enforcer 

It’s back and better than ever.  With a brand new mold the Enforcer is back and ready to rip.  The new Enforcer is the spawn of a Patron and Helldorado, giving it a big mountain look with an all- mountain feel.  You’ll still get that hammerhead tip design common to Nordica skis, but also get a little bit of early rise in the tail.  And did we mention how snappy these are? Bringing in a 16.5m turn radius at 177cm, that’s quick.



More info to come on the Enforcer….

K2 Pinnacle 95

Another ski that stood out was the Pinnacle lineup, available in 95 and 105 underfoot.  This is another great ski for the intermediate to advanced skier that likes to ski in bounds but all over the mountain.  You’re getting K2’s triaxial braid with hyritech sidewall, metal laminate and nanolite core.  A super nimble ski that can take you all over the mountain and have you begging for more at the bottom.

Available Sizes: 170, 177, 184, 191

132-95-115/ 17m (185m)


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2015 Atomic Vantage Alibi Review


2015 Atomic Vantage Alibi Review

The 2015 Atomic Vantage Alibi Review was well, interesting.  Here’s Atomic, a company known for making top of the line race skis who’s now producing freeride skis, uh ok.  Going into this review I had it in my head that I was looking for a replacement ski for my current all mountain ski, a 2013 Line Blend.  The Blend is an awesome ski don’t get me wrong, but I was looking for something more stable at high speeds, an issue I often found restricted on the Blend’s.

I ended up taking out the Atomic Alibi for a few reasons.  One, its similar shape to the Blend.  The Alibi rocks a 131- 98- 117 shape and has an 18 meter turn radius, both specs being similar to the Blend, minus the Alibi having more taper in the tail it’s very similar in shape.  The Alibi also begins to taper further down the ski at the tip than what I previously skied giving it a spoon shape and allowing it to float better in powder.  The other big kicker was the Titanium backbone integrated into the ski, making it much more stable at high speeds.

Clicking into this ski and riding up the lift, I was definitely optimistic and had my doubts about it.  I demoed this ski at Sugarbush Resort which happened to be 100% open on the day I skied.  My first run was taking the connector trail from the Super Bravo chair to Heaven’s gate chair.  Almost instantly I could feel the liveliness of this ski, and was very, very surprised.  Now I wouldn’t say I ski GS racing fast, but I ski faster than the average skier on the slope and this ski rocked at going fast.  The first trail I took was low angle with wide clearance giving me the chance to get on edge and make some fast long radius turns.  I felt a little unstable exiting the turn at first, but that was more due to the fact that I’m use to my old skis flexing differently out of a turn.  Once the friend I was with helped me adjust my form, shredding on this ski became amazing.  We proceeded to hop on Ripcord, which hadn’t been groomed and was rocking long whalebacks with a soft dusting of powder forming into hard ice below.  Not ideal conditions to be honest, but these skis had no problem with the changes in snow consistency.

After ripcord we took another ride up the Heaven’s Gate Triple and then ripped a fast one down Jester towards Spring Fling.  Again, high speeds and long radius turns were awesome on these skis.  Even in the crud these skis had no problem.  It almost felt easy skiing theses skis, which is how it should be.  Next run I wanted to ski bumps and we opted after heavy debate to ski Domino.  Domino is one of those trails that looks great from the headwall, but then narrows and takes a steep right hander that normally is skied off down to rocks.  We approached the entrance to the trail, eyeing over the headwall noticing the normal amount of yard sales you’d expect to see on Domino.  This time it was a boyfriend and girlfriend, the boyfriend on a snowboard and the girlfriend above him resting skis uphill, in a valley of some monster Volkswagen sized moguls.  We hollered down to make sure she was okay, and after the frustrated response of yes dropped in._4286464

I love to ski moguls, bumps and off- piste chop is absolutely my favorite part of skiing.  I like to make short radius turns over uneven terrain.  Skiing Domino is probably the point when I really fell in love with the Atomic Alibi’s.  Normally on a ski with metal, you expect it to be stiff and unforgiving- Not the case on these bad boy’s.  It was the perfect combination of bite and flex that made it a great bump ski.  We took our time through the monster moguls off the headwall of Domino and progressed towards the narrow right hander.  I worked around the right hander to see the normal amount of snow skied off, but just enough on the left side of the trail to make some tight turns.  Being more confident about the skis strapped to my feet, I took the line and skied it smoothly.

I really found my sync with these skis, and did it in about two and a half hours.  It normally takes me a season to really find the comfort zone of a ski.  Needless to say, I’m sold and if you ski like me, aggressive but like to play around on the snow, and not ski the normal routine of trails, consider the Atomic Alibi.  It’s a freeride ski for a reason and you can definitely tell.  Available in 173, 180 and 187, this ski can be purchased at Basin Sports or online at  This is a flat mount ski so you will have to purchase a binding for it as well.  I really like the Salomon STH 16 and when I purchase the ski in the fall, will most likely mount it with this binding.  If you have any more questions about the ski feel free to call the shop at 802-422-3234.

Ski Specs:

Rocker Type: All Mountain Rocker

Sidecut: Twin Progressive Sidecut
Core: Wood
Laminates: Titanium Backbone
Sidewalls: Step Down Sidewall
Terrain: All-Mountain
Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Turning Radius: Medium
Core/Laminates: Wood
Tail Type: Partial Twin Tip
Warranty: 1 Year (2 Years with Atomic Bindings)
Size (cm) 173 180 187
Tip Width (mm) 131 132 133.5
Waist Width (mm) 98 98 98
Tail Width (mm) 117 118 119.5
Turning Radius (m) 18 19 19.5
Indiv. Ski Weight (g) 2060