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The Beast Has Woken- Snowmaking Resumes At Killington

The Beast Has Woken- Snowmaking Resumes At Killington
Snowmaking Resumes At Killington

The Beast Has Awoken

Can you hear that grumble off in the distance? That low hissing roar? That’s the sound of the Beast re- awoken by possible loud partying at Basin Sports Blast Off Party. On November 7th Basin celebrated it’s annual Blast Off Party that coincided with a cold snap allowing Killington Resort to lay down a new coat of snow. The photo above was taken around 1:30pm yesterday via the Basin Sports Roof and a very large camera lense. The Resort itself has been extremely quiet about their resuming snowmaking (maybe it’s because Sugarbush and Stowe blew too?) and have yet to offer us a re-opening date.  But, from the roof of Basin Sports and A large camera lense we can summize this:

  • More guns (53 in total)
  • Coverage has begun on Upper DipperWe heard rumors that when Killington Re-opened it would be a bigger opening than what they normally do.
  • We suspect either that or Upper East Fall (Glades) will be the next project on the agenda.
  • They have not begun to lay down coverage on Upper Great Northern
The Beast Has Woken- Snowmaking Resumes At Killington
The Beast Has Woken- Snowmaking Resumes At Killington

Basin Sports Blast Off Party Had The Whole Mountain Rocking

We sold out of raffle tickets within the first few hours at Lookout.  That’s never happened. Sold Out? We’re not even skiing yet!? Needless to say we were blown away by the turnout.  We saw all the usual faces ( you know who you are) but saw a ton of new ones too.  Like those guys from Canada who were just in town taking in the sites, I think we made an impression on them- that skiers don’t mess around when it comes to Apres, PBR and Bourbon (Speaking Of, watch this video here, where Halley O’Brien from Ski Magazine breaks down common skier stereotypes)

I’m getting off track though.  What I meant to say is that we appreciate everyone that came out and offer a super special “THANK YOU!” to the people who bought raffle tickets.  Without you guys we wouldn’t have raised the $1,200 to benefit Flip Side Skate Park in Rutland, VT. So thank you to those who came out, and remember the first saturday in November of each year is when we host the Blast Off Party, so come out and join us, the next PBR is on us!

What’s Up At Basin

  • Online Store Coming Soon! Like the next week or so soon! We’re really excited!
  • All product in and we’re honoring Columbus Day Sale Pricing until the Mountain re-opens
  • True Wheels Bike Shop (Our Bike Department) Is now a year round thing, located upstairs in the winter.
  • We can be reached 7 days a week at 802-422-3234



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