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Will Killington make their World Cup Deadline? This is the State of Skiing in Killington, November Report

The State Of Skiing In Killington November Report-1
Photo by Basin Ambassador Trish

Winter started off with a bang this season with an opening day of October 19th. Since then The State Of Skiing In Killington has well really just gotten sweeter. We started as usual on the North Ridge and walked the catwalk both ways to access skiable terrain. Soon after we were skiing down and only walking back up. Confirmed for Wednesday too we’ll be skiing top to bottom as well. Which is great for me who’s been hesitant to get out there and get those turns. Maybe I’m spoiled, maybe I’m still daydreaming about summer. Either way skiable terrain is expanding rapidly with no real end to this momentum in site.

Turning over to the south side of the mountain, World Cup preparations have been moving along swimmingly. We were worried for a second there when it poured rain for two days. But that worry was quickly put to bed by 6-8″ inches of snow. Definitely 6 inches by the steps of Basin Sports, 8″ most likely up on the mountain. Since then temps have stayed cold and below freezing. I was going to say bitterly cold but if you were around this last December when it was -20 for two weeks its well hard to call anything bitterly cold anymore- we’re seasoned Vermonters after all. But I’m getting of subject here. On Superstar yesterday they began crushing snow. This is part of two reason- one, there’s a lot of snow already made on Superstar and it’s time to push it down and measure snow depths. Number two is more important in that today (Monday, November 12, 2018) marked inspection day by the FIS. Slopes had to be looking good to get the green light to host the Women’s World Cup this Thanksgiving.

So far so good and everything looks in tip-top shape. If you were planning on skiing this upcoming weekend be worry free about walking because we won’t have to do that anymore. Keep in mind that pretty much until Christmas that we’re still in early-season conditions and generally blue to black terrain. Remember the season gets better and better from here and that there’s a lot of early season hype so far. Now get off your phone or computer and go shred!

The State Of Skiing In Killington November Report
Photo by Basin Ambassador Trish

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